but you always say that yo? no that was dope rhymes chrome dog… coolslice with the tursty palermo nurples out the yin yang and bk aging whiskey in my cellar door liquor angkhor wat and then we have depleted clintons opeum cash money recordian stew so we munchausen barren kobolds to the dc zoo to riot proof the groper cutey lump sat along the washdowry with felix hendricksyon montpelier archonic tributary rivulet stamets ythan eagle leading evening trinke bier garten harvard pardon artichoke artisan hemp dope smoltz dave the handymancan attourniquette atlas shrugged handsome lands ahoy matey avast antivirus yarggh matey she be a brewing a fierce lot davey jones saw to that much in the summer of 9090ad along calcutta to bermuda i took the router with the pewter scooching intwined in fermented ablazer bronco wrangler jimmys chicken shacklesford fjord bjork dagon cthulu stork orc gnome x panzer maker dances with wolofs me lieke voerde noem wo dem ja na wie ghets alhubback ma who jayeed humbdu corn anacorn salaam malaakorn kernkraft hattrick last dip set diplo plies indochrome pants socks sunshine loki alounacara carana servile quartet a silver phish mount of zion olivia newton rosa park place collect two hundred dalai robitussin honorable mentions me in the problem recipe shieldren dubstep lexicon cunning linguistics lengthy nordstroms liar liar dumb dumb and khalid this on ramp sure is taking a long time let me into the zion new jerusalem sahara espn sportscenter show me the monets homedog pslice whizbang astringent danzig danyube yellow tze lao tzu powder pftek phew pulpit lockheed and martinesque collegiate outdoorsmanry barefoot scottland yards laramie resident eville eiffel tower dark crystal lipinzoner oppenheimer coeptussinx bitcom lobsterdinner logan belcher billy wheeler lizard pilsner wilbur shekel letterhead igloo bedtime for bear cubs intonated within wyeths inner cloister the fledgeling oyster shipoo ratified agrievances to proclam antwerpsouthod glasgœæü

I guess we could go to bed now?.? We are just slaves we only± avoid pain?.¿so im satan? alfs are about hell. or war. i was bad so i am being punished. or it feels good for who to keep me in hell? damn. do i habe the momentum to lye? is shit a good fate? nope… generally no .. .. do leaves want to be burned?

only satan would wish tylenobuprofenl coffee fruitarianism jail on someone… thats why i am so duplicitouscany xmen n voltamortaicism beckons you to scope out the booty satchel rastarized fiascoe laudanum prowess stallion ornery island butylentactogenic reserve campagnus delequintivarda aulmno qualmnus aggregento agropolis heliopolis thebes cairo ægypt pizza TT time travel elysium suite 99,000mhz eggalitarian masquerade zombie zombie zombie zombie nation awe skeek skeek im on some peazys and some weezeys about to skeek into boomtown saiso with the hat out flask in his cap im stacked pronto double down fiancee longwood tri sig indoclabenoid pro grade strattera leary cesna cached johnys lesson in wrestling operant conditioning this is that which was and is howbeit alsome and come with to the norva discussion buzzkill lymrick effervescent everglade ranch on pizza swill heavy langolier strammonium opium poems ghetto of piousce vatican linus torvalds charlies hooch mine kompf dagovah tantooine i side with anne franke i always did they got me on wizard prism lockdown out the protracter debate monseurr designating a linear existentialism towards the within of tomorrowz harvest today the grain and laithe that payload cake running the racemic dm cough laquer exfoliation rumsfeld hong kong wang chumlee aaron obrien holmes iris opium sighs a wrist reflex tenor.gif lisa blimpie veggie sub energy fermented coffee innoxia molly molecular shannon snail shell holocaust nothing is sadder than hermit crabs and i want to die why did you kill all my babys why i wonder wander to and far afar be quiet and drive far away im doper than your average a beverage radish lattice of coinciding meandering riverdale nunchucks bumping the thread hush poppy loop frostys on a saturnalius a lycan diatribe accolades brungmansia scopolamine angler halfling lettuce innothule cazic thule ogre beer stein aardvark muling cool supra integra mdx rolexghini lestat anne rice jrr shakespeare pierre chardonnay

Do you think tobacco is satan? well it is because you dont shop at ~old virginia tobacco company~ where you can use refillable baggies… but does fire hurt? what about 400° soldering irons used to make computers? yes fire hurts? i dont know i dont want to find out either… you tasted chi… how can i get more laudanum/reefer or 711 fruit cups/exotic grocery store fruit i.e. kiwis and tomatos? i guess we are bggeing our ~gay stabby dad~ for gardening supplies? to grow fruit? i just quit tobacco? its august 15, and you want to start gardening? we missed this year… i already know that… how did that happen? dino and mary stole my plants so i gave up on them. they have hiv they are retarded dunkompfs. i would try to go where? so im dead in hell… can i close the door now? nope… too dangerous… were all your friends?

do you listen to me at all? at this point bilbo had cached the giant bong of cocaine and opium so he headed to his king size four post bed where rihanna waited in satin pink sheets and a warm lamp was on and gabrielle anwar too and my twentyfour tentacle penises were pulsing and orgasmining in their everything wrapped around them all the way through their ass to mouth little hair penises intwined with their hair and theyre virgins and were in sunships at warspeed super rolling skeeting higher than any other in a concert eyes wide shut and we have visual minds were black flames with diamond sharp retractable fang elfs immortal quickspeed catspeed and we have green auras and red fangs and were on drugs in the sun midnight sun yurquouse hexagon starships fighting a galactic armada of klingon cromags and i am ender and i died a million deafs in hyperspace on the cross but gabrielle and rihanna let me ass fuck them on the moon bases with wave shoes and time travel dinosaurs out the whizzbang and into the seventyth dimebsiob on mars is annunaki espn and im geeking thizbooming with dad at hilton head on that hash pipe in the jeep were at langley nova greek week reyka courvoisier forever with v8 and m357ad10 sonic labs now im on the ceiling eating waffle cones and pizza watching past life cinema in the nebula chamber of the world diadem perhelion solstice of macchu picchu metamayerials and mermaid cistene and the rio grande janeiro pdiddy is there smokibg peyote out his hookah one hitter its got a dragon shroom on the cats eye agate sudo apt get exec godx.ini run godheaven.love.mpeg im going to split volcom funboard gnu 686 drake then i need to dig up the gravez and particle sift the landfills and outlaw hentai pedophilia and tame the black ice labs with my gorgeous green eyes in 1969 in the sunshine oopscootuke bliw tohe reactor we are a community of 400,000 fighting spam ecstasy plabetary ascenscion one word sa born a vampire thats not good now is it the bees are awareahi

are you high enough to fuck with mary jane like me… synthetic opium beer is good reefer…. eh its way better than reefer? i wish i could get vicodin adderall and cocaine lsd but i can only get it on tuesdays a grey gold sabbathe pour that motherfucker down the drain like me, if you run at a cow it will make a scared face and grunt and flee, what do you think that means, it means satan is real and it tortures warm blooded angels when satan should be growing exotic frukt and reforming gaya hellrth i mean i am dead i know that but whatever its like uh

dm tussin plus bud ice tall boys and largo gold pipe tobacco in gambler papers, risperidol vistaril zoloft tenex … pour the coffee down the drain… its a golds reef…. yellow pot leaf… blue pot leaf… anything else you ate today nibbling scavenging scurrying pepsi miscellaneous… what gave you the impetus to open your door and let the tobacco out of the drawer, to quit coffee it is tuesday tussday i think it was the starbucks cappacino iced … i did two dm tussins and a bud ice tall boy today… i am wired i know youre a wardrafting snitch claymore pushing baby cow torturer but ill beat you you little fangless bitch gimp pussy ass kikerilla popo and all your coven is going eat shit and burn in hell for meat eating and im gon lynch you too word only fruitarians will survove and yes e is fruitarian im a kamekazie i almost had a hitek id give you a third eye in a heartbeat om mani padme hum littleboyblue loverofearth anyways, kill all the witches on earth, i.e. the carnivores and 1/6 the herbivores ie opec i am god i created you you should dual weild theyre all zombies go out with a bang take out more of them than you eat their souls it will cushion your deaf… save the cows make lion fur hoodys castrate vetriniarians burn the pilots lobotomize physicians abort nurses hang the kkk force feed the germans bayer aspirin torture cartel for police torture dc for vietnam war drafts pour shampoo down animal testers throats and gold down world banks burn the gays and hang the complicit schoolteachers that kept columbine open and the bully jocks and the snooty straight a kids put southern baptist preachers in auschwiz ruf the spankers remove orthodontists eyes flush flushers bury the garbagemen and undertakers put reporters in chain gangs or feed them to boars enforce gold hair and green eyes gold skin fangs 5’8″ 6″ 158lbs 6.1lbs 7-21-1984 enforce clinton ross noble 7573278780 3.14159265359 pifibionaccix@gmail.com shroomery.org/forums buy shroomery supporter accounts theyre the coolest pure sethian sorcery… uh i meant to say they are satan but their fruit is good i love psilocybin ive grown it since 18 they have parties to go to i uh yeah so um …. are you going to save me any time soon? whats to save? cars are illegal? the pavement is too rough? i recommend peyote poppies as revelations 2:17 i think tibet is odins son vikings are hopi all i want is to be filthy rich with a gigantic lion penis in rihannas ass in eden rawe or pi we evolved from cats the caucasians are lion dna but the africans are bears so you see only the trixie pixies will survive the strawberry blondes are the queen savannah is my aes sedai i am lan her warder she has fangs yo… which is the best feature for a gorgeous scottish irosh elfess faory queen anyhoo i nwed to like to need to like get more money jhow though damn ive been sanitized rent controlled one trip a week… and everyone knows i do synthetic laudanum on tuesdays so im going to jail where i will do coffee and ibuprofen colace ctm acetaminophen coffee and tylenobuprofenl is synthetic laudanum is blue loveboat i know right… is purple nurple sonic labs liquor angkhor wat do you habe any escape planned? im working on what escape? its like maybe i will uh marry jasmine johnson and buy her synthetic laudanum instead of for myself … or we could kiss and hold hands and cuddle she sure is beautyouscé all the boys want her… i want a typewriter for christmas? pretty sure yeah a but they discontinued the brother sx-4000 and mimi threw away my correctronic 3020… maybe i could just do synthetic laudanum for christmas and get a shroomery supporter a ccount it might be nice to have a strobe light and blacklight tapestry longboard flute hemp hoody hiking backpack ps vita ps4 papasan sherpa hat from nepal that allie shrunk the bitch and uh a crack stem and scale and pressure cooker glow in the dark star stickers a spiral staircase upto an observatory with sofas round a greenhouses hammocks bunkers catamarans bubblers roors k2 xgame roller blades thrasher subscripyion nadc320 speakers skull candy headphones sidekick blackberry keyone from sprint i got some underwear from china today thay are sex e i would like like converse shoes and an ecwcs digital camo jacket digital air max nike size ten water purifier rolex lambhorghini lazy boy with secret remote conyrolanddrinkpokt

dm tussin plus bud ice is laudanum it makes you happy and strong.its a frugivore diet. we need to save lives and outlaw herbivorism and carnivorism. we must terraform the earth into an exotic fruit garden. laudanum is a poor mans fruit diet. now the faggot ass navy wont let me in the sun mirrors or sonic labs world circle nebula tiles bjut i agree with germany niggerhairs will burn in haell. right? aryan nation? blonde power? gold power? i dont know man what does that matter theyve killed infinity lifeforms and turned them to shit. well why do you mention hair color ive always been colorblind non racist til hilton village … they put racism on you here i dont know why… my name actually is nigger noble clinton ross ncr initials abbreviations so what i am saying is i hope you get some kiwis and grapes xtacy and save lives… cows have rights so do trees 2/3 as much i mean trees are kind of immune to fire and knives but a cow is soft and has nerves so any man who eats an animal is to be decapitated and castrated and hung given over to the piglicia popo meat is illegal.

i love you yo which means i tripped today and i have lots of money it might be like orgasming in jasmine noble i hope that makes rihanna jealous .dat beach… righthannda oh well whatev… im six inches like most men the news said… but i am high enough to gnovva rawe ha no… geneva …. god is real, its psychedelic fruit and nature friends etceterassss⅝⅞⅝…ssssssπ

z Am I To Believe it doesnt create any thoughts to type like dat. Am Am Ice ICY ICE AMSTEL OKAY I ADMIT IT I DRANK DEXTROMETHORPHAN TUSSIN AND BUD ICE TODAY ETCETERA BUT I DID NOT SMOKE ANY HIV NOOKER REEFS OR SPICKIKE CRACKS TROM SHOULD I HALF JOIN†EÐ THE NIGGERHAIRS GANGS? is that a joke ji? it was like 2/3 joke… just x duet ? b/k ? my hands smell like sassafrass i am in heaben… will i come down so clint did laudanum today paregoric robrew o my next heist will be either laudanum or satan buddha incense largo gold or water icey or hippie sabotage high enough etc kiwis grapes …. bed bath and beyond… you should not do bad things ….

dm tussin plus bud ice is laudanum it makes you happy and strong.its a frugivore diet. we need to save lives and outlaw herbivorism and carnivorism. we must terraform the earth into an exotic fruit garden. laudanum is a poor mans fruit diet. now the faggot ass navy wont let me in the sun mirrors or sonic labs world circle nebula tiles bjut i agree with germany niggerhairs will burn in haell. right? aryan nation? blonde power? gold power? i dont know man what does that matter theyve killed infinity lifeforms and turned them to shit. well why do you mention hair color ive always been colorblind non racist til hilton village … they put racism on you here i dont know why… my name actually is nigger noble clinton ross ncr initials abbreviations so what i am saying is i hope you get some kiwis and grapes xtacy and save lives… cows have rights so do trees 2/3 as much i mean trees are kind of immune to fire and knives but a cow is soft and has nerves so any man who eats an animal is to be decapitated and castrated and hung given over to the piglicia popo 1/6 as much meat is illegal. . understand this, i already do yo, i didnt mean to put the fruitaryan threats i in there… i see lots of ghost animals … but its fair to say… growi g laudanum fruitarianism is easy enough, the animals and trees dont have to die, dxm is synthetic opium, its not even poppie blood …? an e weighs all i am saying is in the morning light of a thousand lives lived in the blink of an eye his maddening laughter echoes across the aeons clinton ross noble roflmao ~%Ɖ and urs as well fellow adventurer i be skeetzooming in the soupfila äce i am marrying jasmine johnson

also pour that motherfucker down the drain like me are you high enough to fuck with mary jane like me thesun.tv rahorakhty.org hallucinogens.download 7573278780 37N 77W clintonrossnoble 7/21/1984 12/23/2012 25 3.14159265359 c.noibfepsilocybe an e weighs apacalyptico is the truth i love you alot tei amo pans labyrinth paprika is an anime vampire hunter d akira section 9 cybernetics 22/7 7-777-$777777777777 2:17 c17h21n04 3:16 edli.com fusionanomaly.net grindy jack pi opie lucky puff preacher max rabbitt turtle fish pittypatt cookie are you high enough to fuck with mary jane like me m357 ad10 magnetic portals jmthiphop.com santa is real and the sun is eden the earth is hollow and satan is real it kills on purpose, meat is for pussy ass cop kike rats… om… i dont really eat trees either i think herbs are murder too maybe i like kiwis exotic fruit or laudanumm tripping has always been eden fruitarianism fruitism frugivorianism tol tok jesus was a gnostic space jam gardens anyway i love greyhound stations not airports quit committing suicide life is not so bad everyone loves you danger is satan respect the flesh, get high easy peasy i fuck who i want and fuck who i dobt living it up damian marley … an e weighs… 211 tokyo panjah pangea bajikid kai i love my son hes my dad jack jack clint clint im going to stop typing like this be cause there is no profit in it i guess jeans inc i dont think cotton is as bad as hamburvgers but its close ebough to loathe ith tag gra ort dio an re tiempe viejar viootro fbioannunacci marhabarasta saharaizons heimdalai cocainubistch x gz tar you can figure it out are you high enough to make the violence stop… if you dont trip or get high you should get grocery store fruit and kill the flesh eaters and loot their ocorpses and burn them make lion fur hoodies i am satan church of the underkhat id castrate a vetrinarian and give a cop a third eye socialist anarchism vas ist gut e to the motherfucking eigth oh my god whats good π hehe my


satan wants a qwerty full keyboard sidekick or blackberry hes not dumb i can comprehend i am killing the light with my thumbsʔ thats why im in hell seeing a hag queer named wayne lee byromʔ hes in my room life sucks… touchscreens = hillbilly judahʔ we need kikes aroundʔ crackhead chicanosʔ eye jip shansʔ swarthy buddhasʔ i mean savannahs a jew dood she denys christ reds are satan she tricked youʢ 

be real dog arent i
. is everything alright.
sa  i never mouth raped you yo.

i am nogt satan… i love you… i just thought sa meant breathe … or maybe mannah sabannah boo… saavy bee selling c sailing cocain sportscenter wë̯lcomen bkb poliovaccine johnsoutterrox 

i like to kill? too but this is too gay? 2 is not shit. Two is love. 2 is exstacy . 3 is adderall (A|D) 4 is draculas son an elf he escaped the matrices 5.5=6 9 i sure would lick jasmine johnson everywhere she is gorgeous and a pussy caramel golden but how do i win her? look she said no, i mean if i were rich, she would be my wife , i cant afford her? 10 the coming of tan to this wicked land eleven is standing stihl twelfawtin gahabra1969 ya im nigger just to pour that motherfucker down the dream lyc mia an toko $® ayhetfwmjlm yyyyyyyyyyyyyy^⅞π PTMFDTDLM oOpScOoTuKe kernkraft epa kearagnu(snowburton) arbhor bamboo longboards ya im nigger so what it doesnt matter… does it… do you blow up power plants? sa re…? no i am not involved in adulterating mom cicis pizza tastes alright but im buried under lava in pompeii i blame tetsuo and silver surfer ghost rider used to say an e weighs hippie sabotage high enough thats what jack just sail…

do you know any good hobbies. no i dont. video games might be fun. how do you get a system. i guess you get a job. did you want a video game machine. there are better things to buy. i cant go down video game avenue again. how can you afford anything. social security. ¿(what that means is you said something offensive. and are being persecuted by thought police. )? i think its actually a federal police njob… and i said something wonderful… or the last opyiotion is truthfully i am ra horakhty jesus christ and i rule earth. But there are other geniuses to entertain you too as well . i was just ordered to stop using my toucbhscreen… bummer… 

zombie nation da nun na nun un na nun na nun nun nun nun nun nun nun nun uaen nun na nun un8421. . . 1 youre a tool you think with hand eye coordination but you could also deviate from gods plan and escape monkeyism? and betray infinity lifeform$? well i think life sucks? because we wont be fruitarian socialists freedomists? fsf? i pretty much am that i am having a good dahy… dont you think they will come for you? for stealing 10 .mp3’s? 1∅ 7572186553 nuclear waste kills 

2 Dm Tussins 1 Tall Boy Bud Ice thats the day of man * but does it add up i love jack frost that will always be true he is worth loving forever and ever amen. Are you racist. Because jack was part scottish. An orange white. scotland. selah. lion jack rabbit 

thats a shroomery.org/forums gatherineᶢˠᶢ in the trfoll header do you want a sʱuʰroomery supporter accountʔ are they goingʔ you buy youre friendsʔ the gay quotient of hwsdof is too highʔ could i dont want to no they were too mean to meʔ they have esp they target me clandestinely they wont let me talk to them. why do they beat me upʔ because you dont avoid themʔ see svam scammers are realʔ bad luck dudesʔ 

i am not embarassed to say thisʔ violence is realʔ the whites hirted killed the africansʔ i cant know my dads pastʔ he doesnt knowʔ or he hogs itʔ i have never hurt anythingʔ ive eayeb eaten meatʔ so ibe partakenʔ a fat cat high on the hog cʔ youre stupidʔ mʔ they dont like me pn on either side wif white or blackʔ im middleman i banned myself from shroomery.org/forums ʔ im goldʔ yeah im gⁱhɣold gold… n… what do the golds thinkʔ wordpress hates usʔ they let shit in their gold pigmentʔ wordpress says golds are half cum half shitʔ the yellow looks like ddtʔ i.e. vistaril? are you high enough to fuck with mary jane like me you shused to pour that mfer down da draim mike clint

Its savannah and shes fierce as helven…_can we bust her for golf or schoolʔ meatʔ redhqirʔ or for not calling usʔ yes we can. shes gonna do big time. in vprj. whym to toughen her up. because she refuses to pursue an acting careerʔ indeed^  pi is psycho yo she just tried to kill my wife this sucks who would hurt a little girl a black bitch are you sure i thought it was biggy smallsʔ* nnn i dunno mayb e so you see life is sad dogs hurt children dogs are a badf invention  they betray but obly because yoy wrote this and also they cut off oyr balls and cooters hoochies we cant afford to have jingle collars made; ? adamantiumʔ i dont want to think about warʔ are we fighting the dogsʔ jacks dead i amnnn suicidal theres no reasob to live anymore my sons died 

Am I retarded? I have bneber been racist b4 hpi@£b    … you hate dark haired indians? im sorry they hit you. cant you see. … yes i see a phone… do you se e jj? you sage… they want my wife sabannah … zach warren does… im gonna kill him hardcore? … mayb.e i just think zach should marry sabannah he is a genius she should marry the darkness… i mean would he rescue her? whats to rescue? so we are aliens¿????¿????…???? ooooOoooOoOOooOo qqqpppdddbbeeeaaaa the point of savbannah is she loves yrtricks..  semahg… um… è1111

is that the truth you are jesus christ? not ra? yes i side with jesus. and speak for him? he is 27ft tall inside the sun? so i saw¿ its not fun yo i dont want to long press!¡ -~%Ɖ are you high enough to fuck with mary jane inftpof lm

why is my site better than your site? i will give you dm tussin and beer. love. are  you high enough to fuck with mary jane like me? do not burn the reef… why not… fire is hell… if you inject cannibinoids you develop giantism. 30 ft tall. i raped you in a past bath lycan ice… i want to scream at my nieces and rape them…  i would never willingly say that… witchcraft is real … you think im unstable? was south vietnam or german jews unstable? you are not unstable… satan is just an aggressor…. talking about raping little girls… how gay stupid jewish is that…. its more nazi than it is jewish…. ? m¿ i put the swastika shymbol as a rolling windmill methylenedioxymethamphetamine not as hating jewish people… i think hippie sabotage is jesus christ the band. . why? i dont know i just think jesus survived the cross and lived forever… hippie sabotage is 2,000 years old… 


d e x t r ..o … m … 0®₽ɥᶤ opie ɲᶱɞᶫᴇ é₈₈₈thorphandxm4exTroMethOrpHaN20|)exTroMethorPhan.dmEXtrOMEthorPHANExtcpsedumbdumb…azas asaz saaz zasa saza zaas azsa asza saz zas Ðᶕᵡ χx×ˣᵗʳœ ɱᵊʇꟸ ᵒᴙᵖɦɐᶰʊʙⁱᶴ..¹.®∴3.18-⁴   ᶑXⱮ 147211198475732787800.p®∴.°°°₵~1¹)(_.-°′≟ᶞXᵐ≟∠′°-._)(¹1~∏.°oᵓo®e