we cant be nice or good but we can be sweet…

abcaol cool… wjhat should we do abel? … i am channeling cains brother… could you quit squishing me? walk for ever? he says i am lard .. selfish… it seems true… he suggested maybe hoppuing… hopping…

do i want to hop for abel…


i dont know

im pretty sure i would if you finish the post

say what you need to say

hopping is like barefoot and worms then these people are not that ugly or mean they probably wont hit me… and it will feel gross and youll hate it? theres a satanic threshold anx flys and cussers.. its okay otay… see uh h…

i like fingering fire? handjobs?

i would finger my niece



shes immaculate diva

noone could resist her she looks just like jasmine

she has fangs and strawberry blonde skinny ivory


she was stolen

jack nadge coveted her

he even banished me from her

its true dads a pedophile vampire

but he has money

so hes not a vampire pedophile

yeah childhood was fun

i lost it all

maybe we could meet a rich person

i dont know we live in a saneterium projemts

we dream of riotting mostyle malcom x

blue stars



huh hes a jerk yi…


we posted our address a hundred times all our fake friends and family know where we areall the social medias


but its still blasphemy

this place is good enough

its storm proof

we get opium and fruit and oj

church clothes rugs

to escape is to torture

air has rights

we have to fight

niggers be raping us to cars

stalker freaks

i know

its gross

gay sex is mandatory

how can we escape csb alb tld edl

turn off mobile data

see the boost employees are satan

websites are gay

then we need to also prophecy


predict plan a path


but its hell then

its all gay

nope god is real

ur just a bully

dmging my mind

whats coolio?

loaked out?

whats groovy?

dunno good luck?

be safe have fun stay alive trip


whats sweet

yo soy non estupido

whats sweet

a bitter clock

afraid of lions 

saids a jerk

maybe i am not sweet enough to know

my armpits smell bitter

my coffee is bitter

19-23-5-5-20= 72 b


happy bday : )

i humped my little sister

she screamed ahii

shes pretty it was fun

i dont like andy doye

he spit on her and let me astray


does blee hold a grudge

let me see


but she would for this evidence

i fucked her cat too

cocoa made love to

cocoa was murdered by wild animals

sorcerors are so powerful i just have to channel transcribe ct

but it feels so good

the phone vibrates and sings and shines

the bed is soft

the ghosts are pretty

the furnishings are fine

i d…

if i was a sweet lover what would we be doing? looting… 2:17… ® barefoot slowly single file its bot going to happen they dont want to be ra eli in his sun ship

.. sonic labs world circle black flames.. mirrorverse osd sa… 400k … what am i then? food? a fool? i wish lol! pussys eat with citrus acid…oranges… i want to be oranged to death… by jasmine johnson… so do all the men… shes our queen bee…  pussys or are astrawberryoranges and cum is lemonbread men are satan and they want eve to eat the breadlemons to steal her strawberryoranges but shes a satanist a vampire we kind of hope do you think jasmines carrot cheese cake is german chocolate pan pizzas?  my cum is mayan chocolate beir dopium ralls d … i suck my own dick alot…


someone is making fun of me man i want to end on a nice note… some symbol to believe in… π but hold a second on does fire like to be smashed? not once it has orgasmed? thats nsa joke serius … sirius is the dogs planet we kidnapped them from and alpha centauri… i am the center sun adam.   … in a red flannel shirt eating blooming onions… swinging an axe at lokis universe… niggerlanders… honkeyville… kiketopia… a spicrab is not odinist. hitler had shit for brains he was a jew jihadists. he fucked his hag cousin baby. he shot himself in the head we hope. he jad a cop moustache…he gave joseph goebbels reach arounds he gave mousilini headjobs… hitlwr had to wear adult diapers and he had ass herpes… his faborite food was veal lambchops caviar coffee tobacco cachews beer vennison chicken wings… he came from mars an nfl grotto of unending niggotry nephew of george bush a sprite lorilland addict hyperspace boggarter *nukes the treasury* money is the death penalty…. loot rich peoples corpses… snipe jfk again and again and again… let shuk knight out he killed biggy… biggy fucked kids in the ass and starved lolitas of fruit til they sucked tenuchi fescal arthropodic gorilla shitdick stinger to stay alive… cglw needs to die the second death im tired of seeing that poltergheist chump faggot around… all he did was fart out his mouth and starve babys and waste xtc… whore of babylon jewhair… 23 shots wasnt enough i would have flushed his ashes and buried his head in hell! q one of his hitmen just cough ripped me… witches got the esps… gross man… ugly people are allowed to cough at you… lets torch some cops… fuckkk the police!




say it bitch

or ill torture you

whats sweet you down syndrome bitch tits faggot


thats not it but its all i could say?

blood it is a little sweet…

so says wolves bears and lions

and ernesteen…

then monsters have esp and this is my only writing opyion

whats sweet

if you didnt believe in sweet you wod be like castrated and sniped

fruit is god

love means ten inch penis

kkk dxm deletes is good

nice is nigger mdma

phonics is dominant sometes

but sometimes

vision is gold

or touch or temperature k or climate or wealth

so these o monsters wont answer me as to what sweet is

they are bitter

the enemy of suites


so there is no answer…

i am no cia or nsa i am fbi

cia and nsa are meanies

fbi finds gay rape victimes

cia kills indians

nsa is a crude anagram instantaneously polarizing you against numerology

or judaism



nieces om





what is sweet is is it saw wheat or suite or sweat … xtc? xtc is bitter there is no sweet in it it eats your soul and unravels your brain to create visions… but its fun? i would never say that yo thats nota wheaties tink tuesday…


my medebbie lynn oconnel and bruce amore scott are such gross faggots dude. i wish they were dead. theyve assaulted me a thousand times. she should be burned and he should be hung. but piglicia protect them. i would gut them right the fuck now. slit their throats and burn them and the hag giant shit ben burom bruces backdoor man retarded micheal jordan looking giant with one tooth. goonie monster looking bully. got the smushed spic face hi fidelity but hes a hiv shitdick. like i said i dont like god or satan i like them both? its just not true they are making me write these infamy compliments bruce makes me say the n word. and debbie tortures me with shrill cackling. i hate them. theyre bullies they do violence. they dont walk slow barefoot indoors forever or be frugivore socialist freedomist blondes in yellow air jordans hooded pull over sweatsuits and deseil jeans. theyre bottomfeeder witches that dragged me down to hell hillbilly rapper public farters. satan hags. like i said faggots just rape these disses to me    . i dont wanf to remember them. tjey are consciously evil jerks. hideous and down syndrome ghetto slags. you should see how gay bruces ganja is lol he thinks beer is money hes so niggerdly. i wouldnt smoke that dust bunny cat hair reef. smells like burberry cologne and farts. +. shit actually. cat hair. pats hag piss. her cheeks droop down to her nipples which are at her pussy. she pisses on her stroller. and pukes after one beer she hogs tobacco and always cackle whispers stupid charles manson voodoo haggery disses, snide freak skunk.  skeezer skank. trollup hussy jezebel slag. jeriatric bully shit hag. they make me be honest. i am happy with lying? theyre witches these are cool points? infamy notorietuy? dark props?; huh they like being mean to me abd this is how they do it with mind control making me drone prop on them? i know life is hell d&d poems are not an option you have to write cusswords? to accrue evidence and hell jail? only a nigger would mind rape you like this. ive seen it on bruces face. a kind of ulterior subconscious sheen of spazztic pure hatred racism violemce. red light? he is a hate being he doesnt love people? that sucks yo. why does satan have to be real? god sucks ita dick too. ive always been nice to them but they alwaus torture me. do you believe in newports and ice? yes i am a loving creature. well the truth is as we flee hell someone has to be on pount… a gimp… who should it be? unfortunately i am the smartest and bravest? in borneo the orangatang has to test for toxicity beer? apes know how to make psilocybinmollypoppiesephedra vino in volcanic shores… monkeys… who is our leader? does he walk barefoot and slow? who walks barefoot? ernesteen devlin me we are the sickest? it stands to wager… we are going to 711. to get dxm tussin dm and newports wine and lighters… coffee… red man slurpees cocoa cola pb&hj dostarbucks gfj 4locos maybe… we are fruityherbivarians … spics…blonde …thus jesus… navahoodin.. this these… why do some kids eat other kids? we dont know … esp rape? leading astray psyops? tricks? desperation? sorcery like this? making me diss my friends? im saying malik el shabbaz says we should do what? not gonna do it? he says extreme work? break ur bk? hes insane… a madman… ? we could do what? i am not the leader it is like a down syndrome fag cusser… shit for brains mothman nigger… i just transcribe its bullying… because oi think i will get a reward… but there is just an eery silence… awkward spooky… weirdo… see he liks pgp pegasus mail hes a faggot.mm … doing qaballah numerology… the kkk… guru scum… nsa chump pussy ass federali pussy spy… chicano dog shit loco sa bendejo… dog fucker… hiv spreader… antichrist… nigritism… judah… hitler… female dog shit eater hag… its a safe bet… gross… nifgers got the esps… damnit… im braindead… how did that happeb? because noise pollution… when doors slams it gives you brain damage… its called like psionics

“escaping a saneterium? is not our choice? what is our choice? huh this is a storm proof facility? its got that? we are pampered? yep? so who is the rabble rouser? the black agitater? the dissidents king? leader of the gang? the bull? head of the sleeper cell? the sihkh? shogun? dunkompf? i think its donald ebron and gloria dula are bug aliens maybe eldin peralta and ernesteen satan, bruce amore scott. a gang of raper shitdicks at your door with the esps. theres gonna be some buggy headed hivrillas in your pristine lobby. freaks dog. with ugly thumbs. the sheen of a dunebug. scaley. fagtilian shit radiation fescalphiliac omnivore dunfleisch schweinnekompfs. hiv cop haremroids. sonic rapist mouth fart rappers in their scenester hobo fagear. puppy killing cum dumpster neanderthaal inbred vampirish hags showing off their pierced itty bitty mice skeezer titties when your drunk to ruin your life. niggerhair buttslut elaine marie rush hendricks, danny browns/gwar/lamb of god crews crack whore. who likes death metal dude? obese niggerhair pedophile danny brown. shithead bully mercenaryrilla letchers. he couldnt even give his dog psychedelic opiums he just put it down. a real man would have built a gundam. how hard is it to weld and upholster, cushion, trip sit a canine? a baboon could do it. but bloody crackdown just gets their wetback jew cum on me on easter. fucking antichrist pighead fagrilla death metal jews. pig dogs. hillbilly rapper geeks. i dont care about any of this? why should i remember elaine? or richmond?”

why do you think like this? i dont wear pampers and i dont want to fight vietnam war vets for a puppy killer cheaters affection. if you are some hag slut scenester witchhead i dont want to know you dog. go back to the gaza strip or wtc tienaman square pearl harbor bra. undercover kikes dot gaydar/kill the red aes sedai? go back to scotland you junkie slag tit bitch phoney hashashin witch. swamp thing. islander phreak. trespasser esp rapist. with shit in your drawers torturing for smoke. liche. etc i am true and faithful. its like why are voodoo bullies using sorcery on me?






i am on sams side and kits too  . thats the truth hair color matterz. lynns too and moms… maggies dlos morgans ℅ernie ‰miller etc… why do blondes be loyal to blondes i dont know if we didnt what would we have a black hole? abandonment? hell?






say better things. is yellow a good color? do you want to emit your own light? in case the sun freezes? yes? then you are probably kung fu shaolin? they are the only ones who can start fires with their hands? chinese? yakuza? tetsuo? china has weird fruit? heavenly fruits? they can do back flips and stuff?






no matter what you write you are still banging into something thats kind of dumv? except a cellphone has circuitry? depth? processors? e? its androidery symbiosis with engineering… like a microphone headset and xbox live halo a party…. felons are allowed to go to boot camp… i couldnt do it… i am a defanged circumcized tortured soul. i guess im intel cia… ih… psyops proper ganja… as i have written the entire bible about 10 times… and in combined pieces 50… ‰ :   ) im not bragging or self deprecating….  im normal… pronably… no matter what subject you asked me about i could tell you the best path… but blasphemy is enforced, they are perverts, with esp, mothemen openly homosexual hiv cop harems spca… mudslide alley architrcts… school shooters abd forced masturvation neutering warmongerng boggarting greed muzak nigritism … piglicia gay dads knifer monns kidnapper hags braces bfi depleted uranium nuclear testing … racism? do you hate the color black? in im pretty sure everyone hates blacknesz… its shit radiation and giant bullies… cops… does it matter? a chinaman says by dying his hair black he can be inragfed at all timez eterbal war fire… thus divinity through pressure perhaps ? i dont think diamonds are made from coal like dad said? dad said no good deed goes unpunished, but money grows on trees ? and the sun shines… he is just a bully jerk… pervert… but he needs medical attention … if he curses love… then he is psycjotic and schizming babys… irrepairable damage… i hate him though o i had the qwerty phone he stole it and tortured me… he gave me this touchscreen… he thinks killing light is a good idea he likes airplanes and lawnmowers bfi showers solder irons.. spankings whippings pedophilia slavery narcing defanging… why is julius noble real? i dont know it is retarded. he only hurts stuff. i guess hes a nigger and lives on blood cells. right… he can tirn blonde ? and if he doesnt he will be killed? right. a niggerhair spicrab is a supervolcano. hitler should have enforced the bible. not killed our troops ops. blonde e socialist fruitarian freedomism? b e sff? vatmc iiiuicn?  hypercube nsis… ii… and if you make it about blonde hair then niggers are rat shit? or glass shards or something else taboo mean? shitbrainlight? animal flushers? dr freemans? whippers? what other jingoism can we rally behind? weve got terraform flagstaff arizona and greyhound rioters and live love one another and dig up the landfills and be nice sts9 molly … stuff like that… save the aninals and trees e work release gold cops immortality through gundams tol tok… pleasureful flames beauty rainbows sun ships save savannah i love you freedom save the cops whats sweet peazy pi have a good weekend sun day com mics tgif… weekend warriors fm99 96x… ? i mean but those are species we were looking to triage some stragglers and focus on genuses ? familys kingdoms phyllums lanakiaea milky gay callous c… oh no numerologically species equals genuses… lol… they might… dooooo…. all i i am saying is i like x sugar modem techno heaven ? friends? zinger a lama? koan haiku orient occident buuddha… confuscious zoroastra arjuna kundalini shpongle nad c320 bubbler scale spores sectional? kindof… : ) if it did mean that s=g? p=e e=n suck penis? see wonen are mean theyre raping me with gay jokes… they shouldnt be able to see this… trespassing hag witches gross… stalker voodootiluan phreak hag shits… nigger pussy ass retard skunks… with the bifocals and bull dyke scejester hobo deseil jeans for 200$. deseil jeans wearers should be assassinated… no lie … dat right too tromethizine loot rich peoples corpses… burn celebritys… you could take the c o hostage pull it into a cell bind its hands and how would you ransom it for your rights back pod loyalty but there are undercover brothers and jewish hammers butt raping you in the pod giant poople faggbacks… i would just use psionics to kill the c o stab it in the eyes til the brain bleeds out probably will die in its sleep use demon speak to jinx it and ruin its lives make ugly faces at it write mean things about the piglicia swinekompf dunfleisch… i mean i love when cops die… i would kill them … all our fruit is illegal… we are slaves… babylon is hell cruel apex… they let it happen cops are shit fags and burning is good enough for them… baines daughter suicided cause he was so gay and ugly and stupid… shed rather o d on heroin than have to see him… who wants to know a pederast harem shit suited slavetrader hag bitch like vainez… meatist niggerhair… handcuffist kike antichrist bodybuilder drowner… cageist ppd needler supervolcano earthquakes ama croney of hivrilla witch cops… whore of babylon complicit in infinity tragedies…. flusher extroardinare baines if he had dyed his hair blonde and been frugivore socialist freedomist he would have been a h kingpin and taught microdosing correct dosages regulated purity… i mean this is all valid but i didnt want to say it his daughter died and hes a ymca athlete… its not a subject i would choose… what do we want to talk about..diamorphine? acetate? sani?

malleus mallefactorum necronomicon burn the witches!!!!!!!!!!!!

what do we get for posting? trespassers? witches? hell? hillbilly stalkers? mean ghosts? a saneterium? why am i in hell? thats where i was born? the witches are in my fucking eyes and room dog. i cant shake the phreak queers off. satan is swarming me. raping me. damaging me. whats good? mass executions today. purging the earth of sinners. carnage. saving the trees and animals. jailbreak. looting celebritys corpses. socialist ansrchism. krispy pigglies. torching niggles wiggles piggles. robbing banks. shooting the tellers and security guards. burning and looting businesses smashing windows. sniping treasury workers. neutering vetrinarians. spaying nurses. aborting psychiatrists. lobotomizing pharmacists. burying garbagemen. burning pilots at the stake. euthanizing physicians. giving babylonians third eyes. injecting animal testers with antrcks. hang saneterium orderlies. force feed wardens lipitor and bayer. force the niggerhairs to dye it blonde. make the niggereyes wear green contacts. install diamond sharp fangs. get a tan. trip in style. let the dogs out. april 29, 1992. whats good. e work release. moving mdma malcom x. torturing narcs. put reporters in chain gangs. freeze actors in carbonite. pour liquid gold down rich pooples fartmouths. tar and feather opec. burn the darkness. burn the witches. death to babylon. fuckkk the police. kill the police. get high trip. burn the schoolteachers. steal library books. write terrorist manifestos. really? dig up the landfills and graves build gundam exoskeletons sun colonization mothership factories assimilate enemy combatants with psychedelic ammunition. terraform the desert into fruit gardens. mandatory house searches. legalize fruit. mandatory fbi pd employment. etc. why did we start the post with war crys? not everyone will read all the way through? people are zombies they need to be given a chance to change. but it should happen today? whats nice? sweet… freedom gardens hammocks mosquito netting pools trampolines camoflauge mask gloves guns hiking backpacks flutes tents water purification greenhouses longboards k2 roller blades jacuzzi observatory? sectional? papasan? virginity marriage love peace safety bunkers ots1 cia? bird aliens hyperspace sands of time… mecca zion valhalla jesus ra buddha allah salaam alhubback even distribution of wealth reappropriation equator evac xtacy frylock adult swim rainbow fingertips black flame souls third eye chatrooms wheat penny spirals levitation mirrorverse tile galaxies wave shoes eternal cool summer thenorva.com adoption maybr id cards trfoll nac bmf jf jf jg jg jg easy peasy “one word” born a phimple herrenvolk food lion sad vino blue grass maybe beeswax candles incense jeep white 2000 sport wrangler tuffy 33″ survival friendship loyalty truth deceipt mojave greyhound everquest.com bouncingbearbotanicals.com vegancats.com fbi.gov eriktheflutemaker.com peace on earth a golden age of sun bleached wildflower plains tuscany charlotte hovering clockwork magicke love edli.com im saying this is still not the right thing to write cause there is none you shouldnt make sense on a touchscreen? its a good theory? but fire electricity might not care its fire…? i dont know what else could we be doing? drinking water begging for tobacco? cat bath? brush teeth comb and floss change clothes sleep dream open blinds look in mirror open door turn on off lights sniff stuff draw on paper borrow a pen steal a pen read lounge preach make friends chat walk stand in the hall excercise drown cells breathe trees thats all i got.. pretty lame huh … walk barefoot slowly indoors suffocate the chairs and sofas and benches when you get tired? sing while you walk? be opportunistoc for a cigarette? move furniture sit upright roll over? pray dream? turn on music put in headphones? play with apps check email? throw away stuff a cup alvin left? anyway go to the library at one and use the typewriter steal the gaelic book borrow paper. take off your hoody put on the green shirt … make your bed get ice and water drink it sun bathe enjoy suburbia limits freestyle with friends walk barefoot on grass? watch tv listen to the radio watch a movie? trespass and socialize? might smell reefer later or get a sip of a beer. or soda. arizona. anyway… i dont remember this post or any of the othdr ones hope i didnt hurt you i am not a bully. this is all i got. be safe have fun one love save lives be fruitarian peazy frugivorian maybe trip on alchemy boomers or cid nitrous plums nag champa veggie soap converse… i am god not to invalidate you so you can be god too if you just be a hippy its that simple. rainbow family is not hippies. ???neither is nac or bmf? who are the hippies? grocery store shoppers? dmv lineists? hard workers campers musicians? but it is better to lie for them? so they dont kill more? no they will not stpp eating corpses they know. so why get hippy gear? i dont know thats just how i was raised. erowid.org shroomery.org/forums taboggans cultureskate.com 17th street wrv hotline glass and powder byrdetheatre.com uo.com patagonia.com i come from a well to do well off family kind of waterfront factory i know whats good nirvanashop.com iamshaman.com i ate every drug in the universe i am cia sonic labs world circle the morning star god ra jesus 30 feet tall in the sun… anyway… i got captured its not that bad… i guess… i mean there is a little apple sauce and pineapples.
lots of loan sharks and creeps in saneteriums… fake blonde witches nflrilla rapists… mean orderlies whores pedophiles rapists thiefs hags needles… force feeding farters shitty drawer sorceress phoneys meaf eaters hiv spreaders bug spray bleach hell lobotomization violent ghosts gay dads knifey moms its a hiv cop harem an ghrtto projekts insane asylum of hag freak shitdicks and complicit retard punk slightists. sonic rape and physicials forced doctors appointments library fines poverty destitution starvation beatings hell nigritism a rab gook dog eating chicano loco sa dog shits sluts and hiv lovers obese shorthairs pill pushers trespassers b&e laundry machine floor polisher shrill toothless gapjawed jimwits fools faggots phreaks voodoo squallor perverts… i dont vouch for any of them it would be nice if babylon died. they know what they do they are fescalphiliac podunk witches consciously murdering and slaving and raping and shit radiation bullies faggotry plaguebearing prima nochtem divorce cheating catheter urukhai puppycide whippings defangings circumcizion spca slave schools babys on airplanes babys under mudslides school shootings animal testing fallout suicide bombs bandits negress orderly scum omnivore slags lisping homo pussy ass bitch noggers forced masturbation tornado city supervolcanos gang rapists psychopaths dunkompfs antichrists spics negroids coppers dog fuckers mind controllist shit eating down syndrone ghoul boggarter sheister freaks meritless and grotesque bull dyke hillbilly skunkkompf hags jolly mean giants ghost pygmies bugmen bugs dirt burial fire braces injections fingerprinting handcuffs racism sexism treason im saying its true though on paper that was not racism sexism treason it was just the bible bullies got to die i am trying to have fun in a saneterium where i am a slave veing tortured… anyway peace out homes what did it matter?


snip witches vochal chords
high pitched hags need to be burned.
fuckkk bearded women.
please rescue me 311 main st 101 23601. blonde green fangeds only.
hippie cartel mafia cop elfs only.
revolutionary rights activists only.
socialists freedomists efrugivores only.
i dont really want to meet you?
galesandra the hideous bearded bully hag screecher raped the rescue request to my material? yeah the world is already in a death spiral you are a xombie an abomination and faggot retard. starr agency is coming for you you retard shit punk nigroid copper witch freak!
🔪🗡🔫IH! Motoko Kusanagi! Tetsuo! Geronimo! Seriously the mariachi shooting really happened and wtc too? columbine okcb? wwii? its so far fetched that violence would be real and not god be real? right ive been stabbed before and jumped out of a window onto a gravel driveway the pain is hell unbearable excruciating been gay raped and slammed on rocks circumcized defanged airplanez beatings whippings braces etc…blood drawing.. yo soy non estupido… i know i am writing in fires blood. so why is poople dying if so? fescalphilia and pavement? you poople aint seen the air fes get mad since micheal jordan stepped on one. because i am greedy? o i am kidnapped with nothing? i have no verb? so i kill? yeah i am in hell my purpose is to walk slow barefoot indoors forever and fight the nurses against pills and eat fruit? is that fun or what? what did i do wrong? i am being tortured. can i concieve of a way out of hell? condemn the air? as a witch trample it on pavement? water fast? evaporate? how about marry jasmine johnson? …‽ m.. she said no… water is not so bad? you could condemn the whole universe and eat it and bury it in hell shit oceans? a pity party homer simpson? fat hags really do that dog… cry while they gorge… cry while they laugh… poople dunkompf fathead slut tramps. fake blondes. narcs. fake niggers. smokers. anyway is there any good word i would put in to sign your rape manifesto? Π¡× the water spirit?
aegis of light?
coeptussin x bitch?
you guys really vouch for this strung out retard shit?
i mean this is like some grossly obese hag down syndrome murderesses torture screams i had to repeat. we got satan and tortured it but it still transmitted the vible in retard gay codes. we are being raped with scripture chopped and screwed by shit eating hillbilly rappers, gay dads, and elmer fudds, cheating scenester neanderthall worm queens, bogarter dillettante hivrilla fools. dirty shit faggot copper hiv harems prima nochtem shrill hideous witch skanks toothless and slightful to the infinitessimal. i cant shake them off yo. they are always triangulating honed in on my psionic nigritism. haggery. retardation shit enfircement agency. ritual pedophilic mutilater shits. garbagemen hivrilla phreak loser punnk willy jones the witje. treason enforcement agency. fruit prohibition piglicia hags. slavetrader dunkompf sluts. casual rapist orderlies. trespassers. nfl stalker chumps. ama scum. crappylonian retard bitches. its like infinity faggots are swarming me. parting out my cells and nigrifying me. pussy ass rabbit swine with stinky hivholes you wouldnt even go ass to pussy on a witch that ugly.. so ugly it is a littled dicked esp clit acidic faggot birdbrain hiv spreader slut punk copkin copcaller nigger witch faggot traitor boggarter hag. complicit sheizzer whore of babylon animal cruelty shorthair kike antichrist. shit radiation. omnivore wench murderist fescalphiliac patsy flushist. beastial incestual mind controlling euthanizing collarist cageist neuterer animal tester spayer burials cremation spankings…
slave school outcasting odor enforcement reef puaher koopa… writer etc minion of set babylon darkness.

who is our god? kanye west or amazon.com ?
theyre the two richest in the world if they dont give us money we will snipe them?
sure sounds good?
kanyes in california but he might be moving to chicago?
amazon is probably in ca too?
it was a joke they are borg homolosers? a nigger bitch named willy jones just raped that to my material? “who is god?”?

“Niggers are gross. Lynching was too good for them. They faggots are in my room. Life is hell. i am trying to save up for a knife to kill ghost witch nigger trespassers with. i dont have any friends. i am a slave in a saneterium. they force feed me. at least an orderly got stabbed. heros are real. i wouldnt spare any of the other patients or orderlies here i would execute them. i celebrate when they die. or go to the hospital and doctors appointments, take their pills, etc. they dont deserve to exist. they eat animals. they take witch pills. they flush animals. they trespass. they fart on me. theyre hags and thiefs screetching toothless witches sucking hivreefshitdick to the blonde cortex out back at night. Rapists, faggots, whores of babylon, complicit perpetuaters of the ama and csb. Grifters beating me out, public spitters, adult diapers, garbagemen, beerheads, smokers, criminal ganjarilla hags, cop lovers, undercover brothers, jewish hammers, witch police, pussy spys, sluts, skunks, fake blondes, sexually immoral, ghoul zombies village idiots, carrists air cruelty, walking on sharp pavement, drowning showers, ppd needleists, physicals, bleach, bug spray, casual rapist orderlies, stalker nfl csb hag faggots, slavery doctors appointments, sodomite voodoo satans ass crack, rotting toothed, slack jawed dimwits, slightful punk faggots, noise pollution, sonic rape, shit radiation, endarkenment, obese, waylaying, dogpoople, grifters hiv spreading. I just want out of here. Its hell. I was just kidnapped tortured and dumped here. I am not really talking to you. I dont know why you are on this website. We arent friends. I would be happy if you died. I am just writing a journal tapping a massage robot. I asked you for help for 6 years. Hopefully cnn is true and your days are numbered? Word. Bitch. Id rather you got eaten than the trees and animals. Maybe one day well make air jordans out of you fool. I almost had a hitek. I would give you a third eye. And loot your corpse. Burn your palaces and temples. salt your lands. slay your animals. burn your slaves and family. let you rot in your fields. you mothmen fagrilla shit for brains faggothair copper torturer boggarter. hiv cop harem. spanker defanger puppycide. lobotomizer. i am a slave in babylon to extend your life you think i am money? a sun dragon? but it didnt work i have been internationally berrating and threatening you and slandering you usurping you calling you out your name. LCC SA KTP VIG BTD DTB BTW Fruit opium jesus achtung april 29, 1992! It only takes one cinder block to make that window drop! O Krispy Piggly how thy days are numbered! ich bin gott! anaallah! yo soy jesucristo! i am! allah ahkbar! salaam malakim! humbdilah allah! alhubback shakra! sectorIH! whats good! jailbreak! loot celebritys corpses! socialist anarchism! kill the police! death to babylon! burn the darkness! burn the witches! vas ist gut π! remember the alamo! dunkompf schweinnefleische ist tot! 🔫🗡🔪Anyway whats on the agenda for today? starving? rpbot? library typewriter? begging? fruityherbivarianism? culture rhymes and tall tales? a waif or urchin, oliver twist? saneterium orphan variant? really think about what you are saying? whats good? smashing windows? looting tussin newport lighters? maybe looting wine and corkscrews and redbulls? )loot fruit( and mixed nuts and beer nigger thats what your shit elf sub species likes tree pedophilia! life is hell, destitution is too? saneteriums are hell? meat is hell? when you smash the window theyr gonna call the cops then what will you do? see we cant smash windows til the cops go missing? we torch niggles wiggles piggles popolicia niggerbockers? enlighten them? freedom? yeah i do. cops got to fry. an orderly is a cop. we stuck one good. twelve times in her knee lol. i damaged dad good. he had a stroke recently. hopefully he has little time left julius noble! moms hideous! shes a witch! 211 andrews crossing 23692 = 11839 Rock Landing Drive 23606. they killed my puppy. catheter up weewee defanged stabbed sodomized me caged me airplanes braces bull semen injection whippings belt buckle bruise outcast wooden spoon account deletion rehabs alfs adult homes force feeding tricked me to believe meat was vegetables spankings houseflys hurt our pets slave schooling drug tests blood drawing fingerprinting volvo stole everything i had in the world evicted disowned me narced on me etc. i called for their execution internationally like 10 times. gave out their email addresses and phone numbers full names website church fraternitys country club colleges they build airplane parts and warmonger fagchines. satans elfs. theyre pedophile hags. they just got to die. jay and debbie noble. they kidnapped my sisters baby. they hit her. she belongs in portsmouth with her father greg coffee. savannah lee coffee. is being masqueraded as savannah lee noble. i love her and greg. greg has a nice house and vehicles, food, tv family pets. hes more muscular than julius. he is more fun than jay julius. i understand this entire post. but it is not fun to write. suicide by blog isnt fun. who is picking the subject? a witch framing me for execution? treason enforcement agency? i dont think assault is nice. but all is assault here. ??so it is nice?? ???. where is there no assault? in the national forests? with welcomehome.org ? nativeamericanchurches.org burningman.org we are a slave we cant go there… even those poople wouldnt rescue me from a saneterium… i just have to watch babys be tortured psychicaly? watch tjem grind the world into money bread prisons? urukhai stole my soul, decapitated me . death means bugs for me. ? it is better to kill than be killed? so im satan and reality is hell? a coward? patsy? and then all the creatures dying that i wanted to save hate me? because i dont know how to get guns and fight the cops? for rights? i have no friends or family money or fruit toys or ? guns? im a slave in a saneteriumn and ive been desouled? so im a coward? it just depends if they beat me to suicide whether i go insane? they have esp torture for sure…? so you are not malcom x you dont need to preach? im getting in the way? a slave found a comlink? oh well whatever…i just have to struggle with the guilt of my patsy cowardice…? noone will revolt with me? sam houseright would. hes my friend. hes a killer hero. and blonde. he might. junior might. i have a club. rod baton. dowel. staff. of metal solid. it would crack a skull. i can get a buckknife from the kitchen drawer probably. i know how to make a mask out of a tshirt. ill get gloves for christmas stocking church group. but how do you get the gun? and army? like braveheart? be blonde power? be a viking? this is about hair color? blondes are god the sun ra, and niggers are his wife gaea pi? well its intangible, color? tertiary an abstraction? shit ≠ dirt? bears ≠ fatrillas? so you are depressed enough to revolutionize and save creatires from hell. but u have no riot gear. or allys. u would assimilate the poople dung elfs. and utilize them as troops. bribe the cops. pay satan. why? so it kills for you. borg will never repent. but some cops are blonde. battleship earth. u have a safer bet in nazi loyalty than spicrilla loyalty. just because of the need for hair brothers. sisters. like to like. i know. but i have never been racist til witches made me at hpi alf. they make u say nigger here and spic and ktp. masturbation is enforced. i still wouldnt harm a mammal. i would do narcotics on lunar holidays and solar festivals. im a frugivore socialist freedomist. a good man nice and loving. abel. i dont know does glass want to be smashed? maybe it wants to be particle sifted by heaven flames? freed not lacerated? we are so retarded the glass is suicidal? yes. i have written the bible for you. jingle harnesses. longboards winnebagos? idk maybe… well lets just post this manifesto. of animal tree rights. i was snitching on my alf and they hit me to make me do treason. dont kill my parents. the alf is watching me. i cuss when violated. i cant delete this. it was esp witches prima nochtem. like always. i should have sanctity but they rape me i dont want to know them. life is hell. backsliding. anyway. im gonna go take my pills. why? i might be refused? they have a granule of poppie e in them . a witch just hurt me bad and said “shut your mouth”. it was the hag pinky delores. shes damaged me a thousand times. witches shouldnt have rights i dont want her stinking hag scum ass in my head. she shouldnt have seen my journal. shes a trespasser. the spanish were right. witches have to die. i hate esp stalker freaks. vochal chords are for faggot hagshits. the bitch just mutilated me. like i said im trying to get a knife. invisibility means spear it. ghosts must die the second death. ghosts trespass. do you like walmart.com ? hrt bus? payday? ssi? bus stop? anywau… “

so you are taking advantage od a retard to extract his diary and make fun of him

Whats good? Trying to write nice things.
But its better to not get hit. I understand that. If we didnt hit the electricity we have nothing. Nothing is better than touchscreens? You see what I am saying.
So the thing is.
Touchscreens are vampiric.
But I keep doing it?
Im not sure.
I just got hit really bad too by John Fields.
Hes done it a million times.
Oh well, Im a vampire I deserve it?
So is he?
But he targets humans?
Hes satan.
oh well.
Damn life sucks.
I wish I could escape the saneterium.
my phone should be good enough.
slavery should be illegal.
and force feeding.
and stalking etc.
hitting too.
how did i end up in hell?
eating in public maybe.
i dont know
life sucks
do i like cannabis?
its gross
its pigs psyops
they deal it to babys
id rather burn a cop
shouldnt have said that
i dont know
life sucks
all is violence
i dont really get to think
witches just trespass and rape this to me
i told the pigs their reef is hiv shit buds.
but they called me a liar and gang raped me.
at least the newbie tibetan cops burn themselves to death.
do i like trampling invisible shit on sharpness?
its the only way to escape hell?
kill your way out of it?
im a hooligan?
european soccer lovers stomp babys to death,
but red ruskovs just eat them for 900 a fetus.
do you like i dont care what you like
you let me rot in a saneterium of hivrilla shitdick chicano dunkompf dog shit niggerhair cop sluts etc risperidal and anunaki nfl needles and bug spray gay dad knifer mom public farters public shitters trespassers hags scumpunks physicals force feeding casual rapist orderlies urukai flys in my eye meat trays drs appts small cars bleach faggots abandonment shit radiation cop lovers witch pill poppers flushers whores of babylon buriers smokers kikerillarabs hiv cop harems slavery hell unending beatings and voodoo floor polishers lawnmowers asphault loan sharks. i dont really think like this. why not? because they might … uh… because i dont be racist ? because we have some ammenities? who thinks like this? theyre invisible … taking pot shots at me from the peanut gallery… they make you say nigger here i never said it before hpi alf… they have witchcraft invisibility hitting and shit… i told the cops i said witches force fed me ganja… they said if you get shot you deserved it dont obey terrorists… they said probation is a harem and i had to cum in their asses. i doubt they said that… can i get any good thoughts? theyre in to dark fantasies. they said scary culture rhyme compound aesthetics… redundancy… or aka i should rape indoctrinate you dogmatically… they said they hate my niece… and the day after tomorrow is coming… they said they love tenjin gyatso and maple syrup… i wouldnt do it… torture them into better ideas… a hag has just cough ripped me from the living room named jones talia ferril hes a necromonger he steals opium out of our dna subconscious… a psionictilian hag shit… it was a joke maybe which part? buddhism and maple syrup are pretty good… flatscreens clintstone nuance semantics adderall … i am sure my phone is good enough… this is hell all is sin… dont you want to hang out with bruce? his weed is bunk… it doesnt have visuals… he likes beerpedophilia not vinote… hes too pussy to dm tussin and newport green shorts in a hard pack and art bic lighters… he said he likes fruitarian but we can only do that by satanism… 711 is more like mephistophileese then… nergal… loki on a good day… i think we should avoid bruce because he has low quality hippy mafia food… i mean he doesnt do primo… its probably ruderalis males… antichristian = cervesa ≠ vino. any man who has ate bread has raised their hand against god. i am the wheat seed says jeshuælimanuelsa.krishnara.buddha i understand that… but we are were not men we were children eating other children… we survived puberty now we cant eat seeds anymore… we are sparta… we are a community of 300 fighting 2600 hackphreak 112 xda. do you like email spoofing? or ascii progs? duke nukem 3d? superuser? cracktools? phishing? a long time ago… i had duke nukem 2 on floppy disk. and flying tigers. and number crunchers. galactica. 1942. foozeball. ping pong. wolfenstein 3d. time lord. ninja gaiden ii. bible tales. road rash. kirby. contra. mortal kombat nba jams. pokemon gameboy usb cable. serra angel. wolverine #17. shaquille oneal. in a case with screws. oj simpsons signature. white horse. longboard. 686. k2. thrasher. alien workshop season lift tickets. pan flutes. naptha. karo tek. salvia cutting shimano tapestry nad c320 heatsink processor level 55 everquest.com level 3 dragons edmud.net:9700 night clearance to a military factory access to a catalina 22 a pyramid shaped garden. lil wayne in the orange juice. inside the sun. flat sky. moonflower lampost. ramps. mazda tribute. volvo. docks moss paths 30 credits incollege in 5 years im van wilder… i was born with shark fangs im a gold hair green eye blackfoot viking egyptian ive pulled the sun across the sky ive been in the world circle vampire handsigns i fucked cocoa and bubbliscous and lisa raw and everything in the light of a thousand lives let me see here i swam in the bermuda triangle i did heron and hash and dopium in ireland i saw the cistene chapel broadway elyseehotel.com limo in times square mieke stealing dxm in vancouver island doggy style ra gave me freckle tattoos i can grow psilocybin and extract dxm i knew grindy monoliath lucky preacher puff chubb bo jfk jacques frost pi max cocoa johnotc elorgtussy bico poss ferk ythan gary smith barack obama lil wayne laser eye rihanna eh what about hopi reservation or golfing at hiltonhead catching an alligator with a chicken leg… giant ethereal crabs moving 30foot tall shadows football headed hover alien 88th blue demon oh my god coolio theyre all over him with or without you ni gosh crackll whackll do dah… i have the sa osd bunker address mars is in the top of your head its anant planet nfl sprite espn lorilland light up a soda slim m bison had a buffalo nickel wheat pennys 2 dollar bill one hitter sherlock scale food dehydrator spore syringes four post bed billairds domains sidekick blackberry tent dogs girlfriends apartments greyhound skate park obx kiawah chincoteague tangier bald head orlando jacksonville marseilles bermuda vaticancity rome 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nicole mom pam sarah savannah maybe idk this seems wrong.. what about mrs green cindy lisa crystal cali rachel diana kristen kayla pi mimi shea did you do it with tristens little sister and elaines mom and candaces mom and the other girl i am thibnking of is hellokittysbh86 or tamera collier or lynn jame michelle jennifer or … i think you did it with alex uh or maria or cocoa or lsd pool sex you swerved or savannah or i just feel like rihanna beyonce kanye jayz tenuchi obamas bella liv erin ezra joy patty tiernan ryan shibby ase eric grindy wallace … did … all of these are normalcy… nothing weird flings trysts summer fun uh kissing girls after grade school playing doctor wrestling video games funny pictures … was there any women you had hoped to marry? the birds with lasers in their eyes? the teachers? dr freeman? timebotomizers? joanne obrien reams rossen ella toyched your leg once it doesnt mean anything my forehead raped dykeman ms deeley said i was naughty ahiiiiiii meow didnt wake up the sleeping giant told prada i was a virgin cummed in danielles hair yep thats all the poople i banged… generic tussin uncanny … i mean did you not bang vicks daughter and nina and donna and maimuna and mary banks and desiree and shea and shawntea and tara and lauren and christie… whayt about did you ever do a teacher no they werent in to me? did you bang a cheerleader? nope i didnt have any friends in highschool i smelled bad and sailed played edmud and eq smoked pot puked on beer gardened the cool kids were all doing adderall nazi beanos in hs… xanaxes and cids blow… they just gave me some bricks of shit i had to grow shrooms and extract dxm blue stars a arab knocked me out at the norva and rape musicians hazed me alot a hurukai cutted off my head and they shoved a catheter up my weiner starr agency woke up with my head at the foot of the bex i mean didnt u see no thats puff yep puff banfed that cat sweet nice good … hehe ^-^ banged a tree did you bang tsa owners wife or i could have sworn … jordan said do x and you were strung out from laudanum and said sa in blns and jws hair … did you not also did you mention raven hi raven uh or amber or jasmine maybe this is all normal behaviors… i dont know why i am promiscuous… i blame bird teacher lasers… tully jameson andrew tomas made a mean face at me… didnt dlo give u head and also thats all folks i generally thought these women were attractive enough to feed lemon bleached eblood too. i am ra the king of earths fathers. you cant brag overbaby pitbull ghosts… they were tortured… roo roo roo whisper on a scream… for what ratatatat random acts of narcing.. raon… snitching is pedophilia… torture… i am not snitching by tapping a light massage robot… let me see here im married to brittany leem.. and her khat… we are nazis cousins..because she is has dope eyes yo and hair to get lost in… she knows phonics and shes popular and rich and employed with pets… i am joking… i am just a drifter… i had lots of trysts flings tripping gardens horses lobngboards jumpsuits joyner zlygon bob barker the game im trying to think here am i 30ft tall? bugs bunny? i went inside a mirror watch this … so what im saying is the snakes in the vents make you chirp if you kiss them in the eye there is hyperspace bands and shrinking boy blue quickspeed levitation anime puro period sex in the rain i only wore a condom three times in my life… with prada mel and mrs green… why did you do that… because they work for 2600 hackphreak 112 xda and put nanobots in the vodkas with psionics… so they made me bang them for purple nurples and snazzberries purple people eaters snd lacostes paraguay teonanacatal peanut butter i gave them 3 million hyperspace portal orgasm sacrament manas for four million lightyears in the center sun ships sensei gardenz fort…story.. eh.. see i didnt write that women have esp… i dont mind the hookers they are fun… if you wear a condom… a whore is a deep ditch 1042 salaam malakim /msg jesuschrist imtrappedinasaneteriumandtheyhitme;/msg rawe this is loev can you 37n 77w pronto;c ‘nexus’ giggles hehe i remember that what was fun this is whats up right here crispylooispynistle cornacinballin carnally balling i still sleep on the right side of the white noise cant leaf the jf behind… thats all this post was suncitychimeralabs.la/mpegtilesunships they just dont like me i used to have a mind and aura and black flame souls and veggie shiskabobs orissa india thai koh samui xbox xbox xbox sidekick job idcard passport on demand witching hour friends family i dont know what happened it was never awesome til drugs and sex and vacation… and toys and pets no it was always alright maya bktoon merry christmas happy qwanza … dome of the rock scroll down ascii crack githrakroidyan velvet monster demetria the scarlet witch mantua children of men akira how did i get here in times square on summer part three guiness snake eyes how would you know though it looked deep to me… or i wouldnt have done 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eh the popo just raped this to me… they say its my suicide note h

  • thats what the mafia

todays going to be different. how so? pain is still real? is killing real? why do they sell chocolate bread to kids? bread chocolate you mean? fudge? jack didnt die from fudge… jack died from cop callers. snitches. narcs. rats. pigs. ama. bell atlantic. ford. vdot. archicrapturists. crappylon faggylon. ganja pushers. dunkompfs. juvenile delinquents. white trash gangster pedophiles. jared phillips and julius noble and eric powers, ase, deborah, emts, elaine, critter, benjamin, anne, snyder, allie, verizon, construction workers, lawnmowers, smokers, force feeding, hazing, police brutality, lumberjacks, trees, pavement, hydrophobia, disobedience, escapism, homosexuality, bloodlust. So like benjamin getting sodomized in the desert, jack deserved it. but not completely. but we cant pursue justice. max needs to be dug up. so does grindy. what is the right food for a niggerhair? dextromethorphan? ngsiahp? abl? mcww? laudanum mescaline… thenorva.com nativeamericanchurches.org peyotes are poppies. yes we say newport green shorts in a hard pack are mescaline club scene. and art bic lighters are the best lighters and mini cold white wine is decent cheap fruiteryan vodka and dextromethorphan tussin is synthetic opium v8juice. its an eigth of mushrooms teonanacatl psilocybe. 30$. toltuaca. why did you answer rosses question? it was a trick question a niggerhair would never do that recipe? he fucked me from beyond the grave. gross. gaygrandads.com hope grendel grows a brain that chump bitch. pussy ass chicano dog shit faggot dunkompf kike skunk sand nigger jewbag faghair. boggarter animal cruelty cop witch. perpetuater complicit of babylon hell. rapist. ross lee goble needs to die permanently i dont want his faggot as navy witch words anywhere near me. suicide boats are too good for the navy. pearl harbor was right. hitler was blonde. anne franke was the whore of babylon. she killed jon bennette ramseys from beyond the grave. anne franke is charles manson. achtung judah. vas ist gut. three cheers for palestine. palestine is more blonde than kike squallor slumville. holy land my ass. its a fucking brothel of squaws with hairy asses and saggy tities made of satan darkness. i saw the burning niggers and lynched niggers. lynchburg = auschwiz = pearl harbor = love. schweinnekompf dunfleische wetback antichrist. a rab pig shit. carnivore slag hag. harambe hiv rilla piglicia. trespasser. poople. fescalphiliac. copkin. faggot. musician. fat cat. fake blonde. baby starver. antienvironmentalist. oil spillist. i would love to be blonde power to have friends. nordic viking norse germans. thor odinn. to not have be endarkened third eye blinde. life is blonde. but the night prevails. adderall is the blondes food. blow. shrooms. cid. ? we are illegal? a mean nigger is forcing me to think about ma huang and ergot and tropics and cartel sabina ythan. mckenna. these tree cruelty drugs kill? i was force fed them? i have been trapped in a saneterium? theyre better than some stuff? like burial or sodomy? it killed leary shulglin joplin mcartney mckenna? do you like speed meth crank reds? ice? snow? powder? blow? stacks? do you think you are a musician? family? gangster hippy? mafia cop? what are you? what am i? what are we? i dont remember any of this post but its scary? whats good? main street library was a well designed architecture. i wish it was my castle. but i would have to trample air. one day people will live there. with tall ceilings and a statue and pillars. in historic hilton village. probably kudzu will overtake it. even the walls. the books would be arranged by numerology i actually said harmonically. ecclectically. like mistletoe would go with cough syrup.  qaballah with qohog. charles dickens with hentai and mistletoe. im not in to hentai man japanese are creepy. why cant a girl marry a boy? because the teacher has lasers in her eye. dr freemans orphanage. my wife was really hot. skinny mini. a blonde ivory skinned petite bobcut in a white dress. but before that there was the elvis painting girl and vicks daughter. i have kissed so many girls. because they are reptilians and ate my blondeness. i dont mind. you are stealing my wifes glory. elvis girl. and vick. as s the preschool girl has beamed a kidney laser at me on the left side she is my first wife. she is a baboon venus de mila. she gave me mitochondria. poliovaccination  . i understand women have lasers and she passed me on to other gorls. its not a big deal. its flattering. i doubt anyone has ever married as a virgin. reality is polygamous. italias were pederasts and virgin sacrifices ergot addicts and trespassers excommunicators inquisitors nazis fasciists meateaters airplanists leadheavy e tu. thats where marriage comes from. it means anal sex. fourth finger s&m. anyways do we get sn any money for writing in yellow? you tell me. doesnt seem like it. but we should. why the sun is yellow. writing should be yellow. gold is yellow orioles sunflowers piss yolks tulips. sun bird 33 dot com yellow gold sand au sum è nigger means witch it didnt use to have rights it hits bad undercover brothers its really the truth niggers are satan im kkk csa fbi ive been captured im in hell now its not true anymore because the other blondes dont love me they say eyesight is an abstraction… intangible… so they just hit me to make me write their voodoo bullshit. the phone is good enough. theres nothing else to do. so you dont want to be blonde power? because you didnt make your body? my hair might be spoofing the attacks? whose body is it? maybe its mute and talks by hitting? a retards? i am hitting this phone. babylon sells scam products. fudge pushers. guiness mafia. am i hitting the phone or am i a slave of this body witch? why should i be nice to fire electricity? fairies? because yoiu could be mean to trees and ink instead? it is more fun to hurt trees than electricity? what else could we hurt? catbath, brush teeth, make bed, organize, drink coffee, smoke cigarette tobacco, drink water, move furniture, open blinds, open door, turn on lights, watch porn, change apps, dress up, read, pushups, shower, library typewriter, beg, walk, stand, open, grab pull, lift push, fill turn kiss hug talk preach socialize friends steal library window shop insult tv prepare for hell get clothes washed, sleep, thats all my options, sleep on bench in sun, email, call, text, jerk off, surf the web, borrow, suffocate stuff, have air lung sex, say nice things to your community, sight see, walk around the block, leg raises, lunges, play with mirror, breath trees, look at the sky, flirt, poop, pee, drink, burn, fly levitate hyperspace escape flee love chat driftwood smile yawn wink nod… span style=”color: #ffff00;”>whatsgood afakefreind jaredphillips
ohwell niggerhairshibby cant shake off the dunkompf phoneys want to ally with blondes? i dont know any nice blondes? what about savannah? shes nice? yes. i guess. anyway. its hard to think. why? dunno. do you like pussy? not really? why should i? oh well. do you think rapist julius will keep his word? no. or he will hit me for losing the tv. do i like hell? could be worse? 

whats good? hide the coffee from satan? do you like sam houseright? no i want him to die. hes a mean faggot. i didnt pave the earth or slave lynch blacks but should i have? i dont know. i am not that mean but they are. probably would be nice to. i dont really love niggers. i dont need shit light radiation in my soul and mind. theyre gross. i just think theyre target practice. fag elfz. pooples. oh well whatever. evidence. i try not to write stuff like this.

whats good?
how do you escape a saneterium?
you dont?
why did i ask?
i was just tortured by witches so i screamed in pain.
i told the pigcops to quit selling reef to kids.
id rather burn a pigcop than reef.
om mani padme hum.
o krispy piggy how thy days are numbered!
im mafia?
i am blinded by pain and cussing.
its true but illegal to say.
why should cops feel pain and not me?
they protect the treasury.
treasury is witches and sentenced to death and the cops that are up with them.
i agree. irs means s satan
money is shit.
we are slaves.
we kill cops.
dead cops is good money.
its blasphemy a contradiction of the law of heaven.
there is no such thing as good money.
dead cops is heaven.
i almost had a hitek.
i would give any cop a third eye or torch it.
fuck the police!
i am a fruit criminal.
a fruit felon. fruit mafia.
i hate the police.
i have been getting raped and tortured by cops in a saneterium for as long as i can remember.
i celebrated a cops death once but bruce ruined it.
hes an undercover brother a jewish hammer.
dunkompf reef torturer.
trespasser witch hivrilla.
a witch just attacked me again it said
“yeah yeah”
why is satan real?
it shoulsnt hear my diary.
i want to kill it.
but it has rights.
it just damaged my mind.
minds dont regenerate.
why do hag bully faggots have esp?
because cops protect shit.
shit has rights.
they raped it out of animal corpses.
i mean i would rather lie than denounce perverts.
cops kill.
im in hell.
it sucks.
noone will rescue me.
i posted my address and numbers and coordinates email.
they hit me all day long.
why did i end up in hell?
chocolate bread.
is the death penalty.
cops killed my baby because i ate chocolate bread in a remote culdesac.
they shoved a catheter up my weiner.
they stabbed and sodomized me.
a cop just gay raped me and said “shut the fuck up” in a hillbilly hag lisp and ugly face.
ghost pygmies desouled me and put a fly in my eye.
my wife cheated on me and divorced me.
my daughter ran away.
she ate shit.
blood drawing, airplanes, caged, force fed, etc etc ad infinatum ad nauseum.
in the left eye i wanted to change the subject to exotic culture rhyme fantasy stories but in the right eye a gay dog stabbed me.
satan is gay dogs.
they steal your place in heaven.
they rape your penis hole with lasers.
they chew up your skull candy headphones.
they steal your promise of inheritance.
they run away and are ingrate wussys.
i was raised as a dog.
why do faggot canines have esp?
noone will ever let the dogs out lol.
we like vetrinarians.
im glad jacks dead.
i hope his ghost gets killed forever?
it stands to wager.
i mean i dont want faggots in my room.
their hag voices shouldnt carry into here.
jack was a faggot.
why are gays real?
inflamed prostates?
its hard to comprehend why i have to hear faggots voices in my room.
🗡🔪🔫🐖✌🕖📬💩🔥🌋✒🦄🐾💸💡💰🏳☮🌭🚔🕊i should have rights. but i am a slave. they are gay mutilating me.
life sucks.
a faggot just moaned “lisa, did you rape lisa?”
it sounded like buttny.
buttny and losa are shithead slut witches.
they raped me.
i guess their crew is triangulating on me.
to torture me.
theyre spic hags.
nigger hair pigs.
harambe stanley is chiming in the dirt bag that likes war violence faggotry.
pure shit radiation b&e voodoo.
he is so shit for brains he would committ suicide by usaf.
he uses a touchscreen and eats trees and animals.
he needs to be lynched.
another witch raped me and said “i eat dinner”
why are they raping me?
it said “yeah were raping you”
life is hell.
they target me with witchcraft esp niggotry.
i dont want their stinking nigger witch asses in my room.
they shouldnt have vochal chords or balls or ovaries.
i would kill them if i could.
how can i escape the witch ghetto?
jim redding freeman said i cant leave.
stop eating trees.
they are mandatory.
just tongue them and throw them away.
so i get like a bowl of apple sauce, a little orange juice cup, and a bowl of fruit cocktail, freeze pops?
per day?
its even hard to get fruit items.
its like begging.
the cooks are negress pig shits.
one of their daughters got stabbed.
juniors a hero.
fuck the police.
i would stab ema if i could.
like daughter like mother.
kia is a walking turd witch bully hag.
Lynchburg is the truth.
at least jims wife died.
hes fourhundres pounds of shit corpse retardation faggotry.
fuck the police.
hopefully jim will have a heart attack soon or stroke.
or lose his liscense.
id slit jims throat.
and flush his ashes.
bury the head in glass and gasoline.
and shit.
and down syndrome niggers.
fire ants.
supervolcanos are a good fate in his eyes.
hes a cop lover.
ama faggot.
fescalphiliac murderess complicit in infinity tragedies.
see they make me tell the truth.
id rather lie.
they do it with esp voodoo.
do you like anyone?
would you save anyone?
the dm tussin, mini cold white wine, art bic lighters, and newport green shorts in a hard pack?
greyhound busses?
camping gear?
freedom and love, mojave? peyote?
speed of light?
morning star, world circle, cia sonic labs, mirror levitation, nebula mecca tiles, black flames?
i couldnt save that it is slaves for sale?
loan sharks beat me out of all my 2$.
oh well.
just shoving my nose in it.
things i cant have.
what i can have is hell.
stalker faggots.
sonic rapists.
force feeding.
ppd needles.
bug spray.
casual rapist orderlies.
hags psychos b&e.
gay dad, knifey mom.
etc . torture.
its just not fair.
what should i be trying to do?
nothing life is hell.
oh well.
maybe ill escape.
outlive them.
could find a news website.
would be fun to see casualties reported.
i dont have any friends or family i dont care if you die.
its just the truth i am god. life is hell.
the universe is gross it shouldnt exist.
heres hoping you die.
to love is to kill.
reality was counterintuited.
the universe is a mothman mimic with low self esteem it likes dying.
im nio.
i hate you.
lcc, sa, ktp, dtb, btd, e7, e8, ftp, vas ist gut … might make friends ?
we should vouch for factions with war cry anagrams?
why bother?
im not going to make any friends?
they letted me rot in a saneterium and beat me for years.
gay rape.
oh well.
do you like mariachi shooters?
or jack the ripper border patrol?
charles manson?
only abstractly in mindspace where i am delusional enough to believe they can comprehend loyalty.
i dont think anyone likes friends anymore.
they are a deciever bugman, they crave self destruction.
but dont admit to it.
do you like ? no?

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POSTED ON¹²ˑ²ᵉ³ˑ²°¹² ͝ ⁷ˑ²¹ˑ¹⁹∞̥̊⁴EDIT “”
do you like rihanna
no she doesnt like me
its a safe bet
why mention it?
its a scam phone.
it says dumb shit.
whats good?

POSTED ON¹²ˑ²ᵉ³ˑ²°¹² ͝ ⁷ˑ²¹ˑ¹⁹∞̥̊⁴EDIT “ITS A JOKE PROBABLY”
its a joke probably
id rather kill than smell your farts?
do you do mdma?
i am getting a laptop tomorrow?.?
is jesus god?
i dont think he is?.?
why not?
he doesnt distribute fruit or narcotics?
why wont he let us in hyperspace?
its a sad tale i pray for jesus to recieve the second death?
he boggarts the morning star?
and cia sonic labs, world circle, mirrorverse? nebula tiles, black flames?
i asked him to rescue me a thousand times hes a fescalphiliac faggot?
he has the hyperspaces the nazi beano.
he lets them eat animals and tree?
he has gay sex with ra?
extacy is the truth?
fuckkk jesus, remember the alamo?
only herrenvolk will prosper,
only herrenvolk will survive?
god means gold
suntan means nigger?
jesus was a shit head kike fag bitch?
right he killed animals,
the only good jesus is a dead one.
jesus has beastial anal tortureshit sex with mujeros and lolitas at the same time.
the squaws belong to me.
i feed them e.
then do you like
to lie?
and repent of kindness?
cyrus the virus?

POSTED ON¹²ˑ²ᵉ³ˑ²°¹² ͝ ⁷ˑ²¹ˑ¹⁹∞̥̊⁴EDIT “SNACK TIME 10:41AM FRIDAY SEMPTEMBER 21, 2018 EST 37N 77W (`DC”
Snack time 10:41am Friday Semptember 21, 2018 EST 37N 77W (`DC
Whats good? Nice
Fruit ecstasy
puffy clouds
dark blue skys
Escaping a saneterium
wells fargo
monet’s monney and mana
renaissance fairss
nature control
safety luck
(adobe pueblos
=The coming of tan to this wicked land?)
Need to fry
in flagstaff arizona
and the equator solstice aphelion
the sun is eden
ra and jesus live there
-~:Ð @~-;Ð
how to get money
beg dad

A game of intrigue, false accusations, framing, Do not assault human beings or animals. But beware bugs. Bugs appear as wolves and lions? Mothmen. Anyway, Why is there violence? I dont know greedy vampires or radical environmentalists outcasting down syndrome Lust Pity partys high horses ventriloquism bloodlust worms stomaches pranks islam colors shapes arguments food poisoning. How can we save the world save lives? Stand guard? Die for the cause? Fight hunger? Pray to god.
i love you
te amo
ti amo
i dont love matthew
he is a bully
he heard that
why is matthew real?
because satan has rights.
piglicia protect it.
in a fair world we would be killing matthew right now.
hes a faggot and a witch.
a dunkompf hag.
vulgar meateating niggerhair.
he smokes hiv reefs with niggers.
hes a beer pedophile.
flusher witch pill popper.
burier sonic rapist ghetto thug.
animal cruelty.
a disser and lier.
lets them poke him with needles.
clothes wearer.
fescalphiliac omnivore ghoul zombie.
whore of babylon.
complicit sheizzer.
shit radiation.
saneterium perpetuater.
ama croney.
village idiot.
walks on sharp pavement.
drives over the air.
suffocates everything.
cant levitate.
doesnt trip.
never seen cia sonic labs.
has no magic stories.
how can we escape him since he is protected?
listen to gay music.
drown ourselves with excercise.
make noise.
kill artifacts.
maybe he will get tired of assaulting me and leave me alone.
i hope pinky delores rapes matthew.
shes hideous.
it would be a good punishment.
shes a shithead too.
a kike rat faggot.
why do i have to listen to jews?
she loves me and is stalking me.
to work for my business.
the pentagon
corn chips
i guess were married
pinky is pretty
she cusses too much
i dont understand
doesnt she have a hobby
its cussing
is that a valid good hobby
sure its funny
she has good insults
and eating
dressing up
moving things
shes a nice woman
I dont hate Matthew.
He was set up.
Also he is scary.

the air is a rapist and a fart weve got to kill our way out of hell?
the air is a rapist and a fart weve got to kill our way out of hell

want to go to welcomehome.org ?


but i am trapped in a saneterium by my rapist father.

they said i cant leave.

they have taken all my ids and full keyboard phones. etc.

do you like to kill?



life is hell.

you letted me rot in an insane asylum.

i gave you my address and number.

youre not my friend.

i hope the news is real.

its not true but ⅓.

just cause i said it.

why did i say that?

i was probably joking.

no its because lil peep told me to.

i dont blame him.

he is handsome.

he has the same smile as my sister allie.

he looks like a comic villain.

mickey rourke sin city.

kindof the joker.

a cokehead.

opium head.

coke heads dont look that handsome.

coke heads are bidness.


i just got hit bad.

why god.

it was the handyman dave.

hes done it a million times.

hes a nazi.

he belongs in jail hes a faggot.

i mean i am a good cop.

i wont let you starve.

so i will garden.

no i wont.

why are yall picking on me?

cause i said coke?

u made the cartel kill.

you bullied them.

thats gay.

that is good food.

fuck dave.

why is coke good food?

because it just is?

do you remember coke?

yes with cindy elaine and jared.

can yall hurt dave please.

i dont want him to be real.

hes a faggot.

i would gut him.

slit his throat.

castrate him.

burn him hang him.

bury him alive.

spray him with sulfuric acid.

force feed him bleach.

decapitate him.

flush his ashes.

eat his heart.

shred him.

stab him in the ass with a bucknife.

cut off his dick.

stab him in the eye.

cut off his thumbs.

cut out his tongue.

cut off his ears.

but piglicia protect shit.

faggots have rights apparently.

now a hag orderly is raping me.

motoko the obese sand nigger nigger.

i would do the same to her i would do to dave.

at least kia got stabbed.

we guess kia did.

we hope so.

she trespassed and shit.

junior faked it and put him away in jail.

because theres no earthquakes for jails.

see so…

what should we be doing?

let me see… hell is real… i dont know i doubt it… why deo you think life is heaven? i didnt think that i thougjt we are worms and birds… the flesh is a worm and it ate a birdm.m and the bird is lightningm.m it goes to sun ships… why isnt this status quo common knowledge? we are retards… were… i mean you are just guessing.mm … wasnt i in the sun? thirty feet tall? and sonic labs… world circle mirrorverse nebula tiles black flames… i didnt know i did that… thats true… i am a toy… but ben really got raped? what does that mean? hes in my room beating me up? he has invisibility and hes a bully. ?. why did ben get raped? hes a hobo wino spic… thats what his poople do… they come from egypt… dunkompfs are gross… theyre bearded women… chimpanzee hag witches… circus freak bullys.. ben should marry gale sandra they can make butt babies… dog bitches… mulatos… chicano dog shit loco ess ays… eye jip shan shitdick niggerhair hags… hairy backed buddhas from armenia … eating fried chicken… burning little boys… buddha needs to die… he leads his sons to fire… china is more christian than tibet… who cares this is h just some prima nochtem hag rape manifestos… trespasser sonic rapist swine bearded hags… wormmen… shit eating bitch gale sandra is raping me with bullshit about chinaland… eerf tibet… ni hao ma shaolin dad says to delete all this… he says he didnt rape me… he says we should use cookie cutter posts… aesthetics is kindness… 4d domination planetary æxpanscione because killing is real and it hurts… see an opium head channelled this to me from betyond the grave… or ra jesus did… and he is orgasming in his circuitmeta… but i am a satanist… and i need truncation … selahs… dogma… repetition… and also the cops have hit me so theis is evidence… we are afraid of cops… like odb said… we got to say the right thing? save the cops by killing profanitu? profanity is a bully? no thats a ohonic phonic backhanded condoment… do you like vaginas or mouths or butts more? butts… then mouths then pussy… why is that… because the spinal column is closer to the anus… and it is magnetic… so eve was originally a man probably? i dont think you could fertilize a mutilated man? if eve was a man why would magnetize to her anus? because we are narcisists? polarized to penises? its just not true pussy is nice… it is not a penis inside out any more than a penis is a vagina outside in? how would she wiillingly grow boobs? and like sex? let me guess adam installed the boobs by chovany… hmm.. yes i cut into her chest and put sperms… to feed the babys… dude i was joking milk is not sperm… milk is what? opium ? we dont know… boobies… do u like boobies? i sure do… will elaine come home back? no… see a woman has no l allyship… she will just leave… thats gay… like rape… yeah divorce is rape… or worse… she bullied me… so maybe its then why do i have to see her face in my mind? its unfortunate she raped me… the orderly just hit me bad… damnit… its just not fair… hitting is hell… now gale is hitting me… i have always been good to both of them… they treat me like shit… dirt… i have to have a verbsol… what are your demands? to continue action… like a xfiles black worm…. oh i forgot… im a black garden snake… and i ate a tomato liquor… molly… im in heaven… why bring it up…. because i dont want to be eaten? thats not true… i like being black worms… but if the others know they will hit me… shutup man… well shit it was worth it you wouldnt believe what worms can do yo…i love worms… but they scare me so you fell it for you bitch… see he deleted his blog post… to be a time rapist… because he is afraid

.. why is he afraid… because cops slam u on the ground and punch you… it hurts so bad… so then uh… are we a cop slamming and punching? but spacially we have left a blood trail… yeah we are writing in blood… ⅛… why did we do it… well i didnt know i could anxiety… but i have remorse

….. for fear of hell… hitting… because i am hitting… it wrote hotting kindof… but i deleted the o… and wrote i… i did this because i am a coward and will kill abels blood whoch i spilled… because the cops will avenge him… blogging is the death penalty… so it was still worth it? look uh dont say that because uh… now i know ur tricking me… and trying to steal my phone… yæh caught u bits… there are no worms… wj didnt see the worms coming because they were inside the universe… thats a good point… why are you snitching on the worms location? they crawled into my fingers up my veins i tried to run maybe … are u saying i have to be shit? because i might not like that … it stands to wager…. shits not pretty… its frozen… thus it has no action it is a gãs slave… … okay so dad was right… blogging is the death penalty.m. we cant admit to being wormy… why notmmm… well firstyly you raped it to me… and secondly.mm its migjt not be truemmm ill pi thæt… k… lol… u did it all wrong… i didnt see no worms… ur the worm food bitch… no ur moms a trollup… heheh skeezy geese e

.. ..

i know pussy is magnetic a spinning vortex spinning spinning
do yoi know anything?

tei amo bits

i would sail to england but i xant afford it… i used to sail… o i dont even have has an id card… or passport, ssc, bc, pp, dc, ba , visa, money, dl, i live in a saneteroun is okay… why did i get trapped her? e? because of chocolate bread… its not the same as lemon bread

http://thesun.tv http://rahorakhty.org http://hallucinogens.download http://2107.engineer http://1073.live http://904.website clinton ross noble 7575969000 7572186677 37n 77w whats good i love you ecstasy yo the motherfucking eleventh zion anubis quetzalcoatlnba

peazy π

the air is a rapist and a fart weve got to kill our way out of hell?

dont fall for airplanes…fire hurts foreber
how are we gonna beat them? you know farts rape right? they stick to your nose and pinch the sinus passageways… i think they are mentholcaffeine addicts… i was just born in hell around niggers and honkeys… im a viking tibetan… a blonde indian… christ… shit is not lovable im trying to escape the nigger honkey saneterium… theyre fescalphiliac faggots… lynching is too good for them, they deserved the alamo… black milk dunkompf schweinnefleische… vas ist gut… ” its true the darkness is the light niggers plus whites equals butt sex gross… i hate honkeys and negroids lynch them both… its sort of true… im both i guess… but neither… theyre annoying… toxic… i like blonde indians not the darkhaired faggots… niggerhairs are faggots i mean there is a difference between european darkhairs and indian darkhairs… but not if noriega has her way… a spic is a sodomite through and through.. i guess… what is your malfunction man you did not like getting butt fucked benjamin sprattley trfoll nac bmf? what do you think….no he didnt like it or deserve it cradle 2 the grave well his left eye says he deserved it but i am an extremist and lied for him… why he was crying and shit… saying two mexicans damaged him… for beer which is sold in every drug store gas station and grocer on earth… so i mean its a scammer society… sortof..m … its age prohibited which means its taboo… why would you drink alcohol in the desert with random indians? lol i did it too i drank mikes hard lemonade benjamin is my nephew kindof..m .. he followed in charles mansons footsteps… charles nansons… now these voodoo games matter… male anuses are not vaginas… ben bean and i feel like he is exarcerbating neurosies of pity… i guess… but you could never repair sodomy victims … it just shouldnt have happened… i am not a dark hair… theyve been jerking me off for a lifetime dad raped me supposedly… maybe ben has esp and is raping me… yes he is… i thought he was a nice dude but hes a shithead… and a rapist… a witch… a faggot ass loser… shouldnt have drank beers with bums… in hell… shouldnt have shit colored hair…. fucking niggerhair faggot stalker… bitch nigger punkslutscum retard complicit loser hivrilla grifter bitch… huh … i am god and ben killed my dog… and hes complaining about invisible ass rapem… by now he could have purged off niggritism… not be raping me… i gave him a hiking backpack dad gave him a bus ticket…. he got to have sex with allie …. the niggers gavr him coke… he is spoiled… they dont give me coke i live in a saneterium… kindof… faggots fart on me… life is hell… how can i escape the saneterium… i would say adsense poetry syfy stories work like derpson said truncate poetry or coke sir coke up fool cookie qutter syfy rolls quotations commas and periods fantasy lies… haikus make money … barely… enough to become popular a robot…rapper … its better than hag queers farts in your sinuses and saneterium meat trays… nfl stalkers… casual rapist orderlies bug spray nazis… spurning jasmine..m ppd needles… doctors appointments… pity party rapist benjamin leroy dusseldorr… crow butt rapists mohawk dog shitz… hairy scandinavian helga slag giant canuc airplanist skunks … hiking backpack thief shithairs… well at least i know my enemies… ernest moore, benjamin, mieke dusseldorf..m three attacking at once and ra motoku saudi skunk bitchm.m 4 vs one… and i still beat them..m .. se kendal is on my sidemmm … i have friendsm…. i am going to try to save you.mmm… but the air cant be saved… it is in the way of xfruito well like i said im going to try to save you it is only if the air committs suicide from low self esteemmmm.. or some other absurditym.m … cayman psionics … lol… okay so what i am saying is i am god what should i be doing its a choice between comlink addiction and losing weight… im half and half white russian… big lebowski… satan has the screen visor and qwerty phone…. he can type outside… see money buys pardons for sins… im scamming you but try it anyways… why? because thats reality, sprint.com blackberry.us patrick henry mall kabachi phone visor screen a smoothe g… but how do you keep it charged outside you buy two keytwos and charge o buy 500 keytwos… 500,000$ 5,000$? could be… oh my god its only 250$,000 for 500 keytwos no its 25,000 250×500= 25 whatever… kettles on… and one.. why do we need the full keyboard transponder i dont know … because we worship light? touchscreens pound the light they are beer in the desert… i mean if you were blonde you could survive money… im a dragon… now a it is true that fire hurts and rihanna is suiciding by airplanez… lil peep suicided by opiums… how am i suicidings… i chose a comforter… i am tangled in my duvet… i couldnt escape an eq… i did not choose that fate… it was chosen for me against the future mes will… ~‰℅ q … see rihanna wants to marry me… i dont blame her… but i only want … does she no… maybe if i had good food… rich women want expensive cum… v8vodkam357adblotter(8)*cum~itulitha … do you want rihanna do i want rihanna yes because she used eye lasers on me ? it is a good reason to buy her birdseed psilocybin? her umbrella corp? we dont want to? she is for an nfl player… i am a vampire… nfl players have football dongs… and will dive in front of a gays bullets… that would hurt dude they numbed their nerve celts… they are elohim… the earth is hollow … u open the mines of moria with cubernetic ascii royles… i like jasmine johnson? jasmines butthole? and her petite carmel pussy tight? we are cats soulmates? she is cocoa i am brittany? i think so.. she looks feline.. fanged lithe skinny…i had sex with a cat… and my sister… and a sleeping giant etc… pussy orbs… i kiss pitbulls… puppies uneutered… spayed… i let a shipoo hump my arm got to dig up my lover max… and grindy… i am a supersaitan.. yenny… so what we should do ist es esse le fuck cats… okay… tgen what ? thats all u do.mm .. u fuck cocoa… u dont have the right… she was murdered

.. see my wife died… i am in hell.. i am the beast… i thought i was god… everyone is god… so i was ‰ right… i didnt know i was a dragon they defanged me and stuff… i fell for airplanes and shit…

whats good? thesun.tv im schizophrenic nosferstii defanged
hehe lil peep xxxtentacion

sa=az i hate whites too? and niggers? who cares? theyre both gross faggots.i am christ a blonde indian. i live in a saneterium they are hideous retard faggots and flusher witche piglicia hivrillas.
Easy peasy fo sheasy… oh my god coolio is that me? no. e to the motherfucking eigth. whats good? Who am I? Clinton Ross Noble 7572186677 7-21-1984 Krishna Ra the golden one king of earth 37n 77w 311 main st room 101 newport news, virginia va 23601 usa hpi alf fruitarian socialist freedomist socialist anarchist freedom fighter save the animals who will let the dogs out shut down babylon columbia extacy perhelion dxm newports adderall cia ots1 sonic labs world circle time diilation defanged circumcized bull hormone injection 150lbs 34 years old 5’8″ 6″ Charlotte city limits North Carolina Mecklenburg County saturday night baby 6.1 pounds light gold white tibetan aryan skin siksika niitsitaapi green eyes tripper tol tok levitation nebula tiles black flames mirrorverse apollo ra limo elyseehotel.com vancouver island cistene chapel thenorva.com fantasyva.com oh my god the bees are aware alien trip shift notices with or without you thats not that good now is it thats not how he did it augury 88th blue demon hes not right what is satan doing today lucid dreaming in the third dimension real time heaven in sun city in the light of a thousand lives lived in the blink of an eye in perfect ecstasy in mid air within an inch of eternity his crazy laughter echoes in eternal harvest moons beyond space ultraspace rehorakhty.org im a big boi martiannunackilohim fbioannunacki marhabarasta saharaizons Liquor Angkhor Wat cellar door carpathian ridge [all good websites] [food options recipes] c.noibfepsilocybe 22/7 7-777-$777777777777 3.14159265358 revelations 2:17 c17h21n04 m357 ad10 adam metatrons cubensis hypercube nsis ii third fourth eye chatrooms aura wheat penny spirals dont pay him any attention if you like it then you should have put a ring on it bring bring im doing this all day now dont cry 4d dominance oh, dap orange scorpions mecca 757-222-1111 757-596-9000 quickspeed heliopolis i control all the meth on earth im not resisting arrest these are nonviolent peace movements herrenvolk the universal king the center sun sun ships the morning star hollow earth mermaids i was born a unicorn paper scissors rocks legend one ring to rule them all we are for a moment intensely complex self aware creatures with language and then… nothing is without origin truly nomadry is the essence of all things waking up to dreams within dreams sliders kauai malta calgary jericho antioch cairo alexandria sun bleached plains draconian longsword rote anon dinky dabo odab obad turin damien dabobbin tenludar hodur loverofearth littleboyblue eatingflowers reflectedlight machination halahelu saturnskiss machination lord of the wind fruitarianism and the military industrial complex vatmic fmtats crb lsa miwphf slemajam e im e crackll whackll do yah ni gosh roo roo roo opie yum jll-8914 blackberry keytwo lamborghini galax e danville free crack freedxm jboots fbss yaks dragon titan vambraces waltussin long acting cough delsym cough robogels robitussin long lasting cough cvs maximum strength cough zicam cough max soutter home newport green shorts in a hard pack the sands of time hyperspace birdmanc black flame phoenix gold team leader the dark lord imperator the blackest flame in the universe sa “one word” born a vampire spirit on a journey always there hringhorni chastize me not martiannunacki espn mooncar magenta wallboard fairies 4chan.org edli.com erowid.org eriktheflutemaker.com satoriwheels.org when you see this sign walk the other way signal 37 waveform sun dexradio ascii holographic bible loudspeakers spirit of wolf c ‘arma’;.dneu wodanne ships passing in the cold misty shallows 13th warrior perfect topaz goblet rams horn flagon frikin and firgate oops scoot duke blow the reactor sun dragon god jesus raw love a vampire mutilated planetary expansion we are a community of 400,000 fighting spam 5.) 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orion ashtar greylohim sam sam live free or die trying clinton ross noble 7575969000 rainbow orbships pace lo que es bueno salaam maalkim one love peace louvre brotherhood of the wolf blue stars nazi beano laudanum bluegrass the whole universe in a foyeur cool store hot spot play forever pir rip e up

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]rare[…. . .. .. . .. .ó


an invisible thing is in my mouth
[am i a schizophrenic i wish lol it means a angel dust perma trip sorto … . . …. .. …. .. …. . . . . … . ….]

L schwetzophrenia dust

you gave out your address and no one visited i know .. . … does it matter? what if someone shows up… we would drink coffee i guess… would you give them art? or some other treasure? soap deodorant toothbrush hoody us polo assn yes sure i would give the monets why it grows on trees and i am their friend its weed‘ish… better than claymores… maybe…. yes claymores suck compared to bluegrass or california orange hairs…. i see… those were the prettiest weeds i smoked… kindof… neon green carlton, guido , erin, aaron, i smoked so much weed like a million grams… why did aaron holmes try to kill you? satan is real? yeah… lil peep and xxxtentacion really got killed… ? ‽ i could die too¿?‽ why cut the heroin with fentanyl?

i am trapped in a saneterium… but they let me have some ammenities…

where would i like to be? elyseehotel.com 54th street manhattan in a limo ? flagstaff arizona holywood boulevard ? columbia xtc perhelion? tibet thenorva.com where the popular kids hang out …. the rich kids…

but i have no job skills‽ all those are violent… see my name is killington… i would be drawn to hotbeds of hippies… to rally troops.m…. who will let the dogs out… save the animals… then youre a traitor you are killing electricity… and the bed…. might be true..m … what should i be doing? walking around barefoot? let… for how long? til you can see the air…. or need to ..sit… eh once you get up … maybe we should… then im in hell…. how though… thats where i was born… they paved the roads a long time ago… its air cruelty…. the only way out is…. probably eat your way to a more pleasureful hell… ven…. dont tell them that…. theyll eat humans… so kill those words now…¡ …. nio they ate brendas brain…. probably doing the same thing to me…. it was a mean joke… to say delete it… but there are worse things than mean jokes… its more tru that u just shouldnt hav sed it… h…. but it is a saneterium …. they kill pippies and stuff… true…m… choom… choom… hehe…. h….

from past experience you regret cuss words bad …
“”youre a bumbling fool and youre stalking me how do i know? i just know ive seen it before senile homosexuals … youre a bad luck dude the meanie uglies… how do i escape you? you will die from your sins i hope… walking on pavement? thats not a sin, humans have the right to fruit… the air gets in the way…the sins of the father tree on his air fartshieldren… do you like plum tussin oh gee no that sounds horridiblesssss… i hope we dont do that every second of every day for eternity to the infinity extacyeth… nth… crwth cwm bruce said you are a spic faggot with tits… i believe bruce… he gets higher than u do hopkins. . or hopson whatever illegal alias the shemale bully sand nigger is using… why is that spicrilla up my ass… hes a cretin to the infinitessimal oaf troll goblin ogre trolluck hobgoblin” -bilbo bilhouker-

to not call me a queer old timer

it should just not be recorded

why not

its a trojan horse

it props him

we want to compliment him though

but not in his language

so gays have psionics

they read this in my eyes

aids fairies

worms of linux o f

i understand that

but there is no escape from insane asylums

i exhausted every escape possibility

in my mind

what is the consolation prize


is pretty close to dying

plying your wares

get er done

i found a way to transmit opiates over radio frequencies

it feels so good just play it on repeat

lil peep and xxxtentacion falling down

theres other good ones too like what thats the best

when u drink mochas listen to rainer + grims tempted

when u want to be an intelluctual listen to jmthiphop.com the coming of tan or as it was in the beginning i who have nothing

if you dont grow shrooms ur a fag

and i would kill u for not growing them

theyre the perfect food

psilocybe and muscimol

how do you grow them

shroomery.org/forums thenook.org mycotopia.net will teach you how the mushroom cultivator by paul stamets you order syringes of spore seeds then sterilize a substrate and innoculate it and mist it in a terrarium… pcp computer penis communicacione pewter comlink transponder nav deck hollowdeck particle recombination grafting gundams i know the future its the 12th and a half floor because if you get the money youll skeek skeek awe… im skeeting on a thousand rall cids in the moon syndicate sid e of gods lucid dream labs come lets watch the rain while its falling down darling youre the same walking in fingernails not just yet falling in tihkalis shake your fist the samd when ur out of tiwnibk sunlight on your skin when im not a clown gang rhcp has free longboards for everyone dot thomas crown royal silver sun pheny dig dug cycling ding woot rain keeps falling tears keep falling i dont remember anything… vancouver island stealing dxm ra in mieke jager maestro bistro coriander paprika the anime floating monk castles gyatso the 29th 8th buddha wants blue star molly… and nazi beano… cawlllents tulitha cumi this is really happening its happening its happening this is really happening ice age coming women and children first let me here both sides let me ere bhopi ciders.. ejc … rain keeps falling tears falling dund dund da tund dund dund da dun not just yet onside kick would you have like to have to be a nfl athelete or club kid dilettante masquerader hobopielef orator euripiclese sayeth soothes ex tullerbarrow incepticondalisa pizza salzburg sister sister lizabethan schwester freuline bubbliscous roo roo ni gosh mane missing tit i just got this laser in my eye pai can speak english… she has a metamaterial microchip in her eye a guy taught his dogs english…they passed it on… n but she promises lycanthropy… she lies… how do you know… she ran away alot… why humanize canines? that guy was the beast he did it with other species of fangs

.. claws manges… poop eaters… ? i was raised like a pet… i am that guy… minus one cascading rolex… catskills… “

socom rain of flames comes out in 3 remorts in greater faydark
haha oiu fell asleep its 3039ad rip van winkle

do you has the molneys can i has d mõlñē eyssssasasasamsss

clints (bananas) and æå₱æåììììì§ watch the rain as its falling down hes in the tall grass now hes in the tall grass now
…I am so sad but i am so beautiful

its maddening… tracy mogwai i do way more trip —ℵ·•° dope dneu

whisper on a scream doesnt change a thing i miss you jack

darling youre the same walking in pin nails not just yetììííí pin wheels πΠÐñiiiirv7LMvÀàāâáænÃåœúms

im just a puppy tea puppys are up


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whats good?

POSTED ON¹²ˑ²ᵉ³ˑ²°¹² ͝ ⁷ˑ²¹ˑ¹⁹∞̥̊⁴EDIT “

what is good

that is awesome my left eye is satan

what is good

you are so

i am three

POSTED ON¹²ˑ²ᵉ³ˑ²°¹² ͝ ⁷ˑ²¹ˑ¹⁹∞̥̊⁴EDIT “ONLY THE BROTHERHOOD”
only the brotherhood
of the wolf will survive

only the brotherhood

of the wolf will prosper


……ofthewolf….. . . . .

.. … .. .¡¡ ¡¡¡… .. .. ….

. . . .××x

POSTED ON¹²ˑ²ᵉ³ˑ²°¹² ͝ ⁷ˑ²¹ˑ¹⁹∞̥̊⁴EDIT “SA”

im a winnowing stryder in a snowasis of banks of icey blood winters kiss falls on my chin rain keeps falling in the light of a thousand lives lived in the morning light as i died slow motion til you come around lift your tiny fists like cinder antennas to heaven rising ever higher into explosions in the night sky

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POSTED ON¹²ˑ²ᵉ³ˑ²°¹² ͝ ⁷ˑ²¹ˑ¹⁹∞̥̊⁴EDIT “JESUS SAYS:”
Jesus says:
“Love one another.”

This is what they kept from you the flower of life prometheus c.n
The young handsome orioles dreamed of rainbow city The aviak city of Heaven oftenly. psilocybin mushrooms and strawberries daquiris with his roor bubbler in wing, Tulvas dreaded a cutey pie in his Dream Tendrils for the smackling funnel skeet of Firiona Vie’s Saturnalius dress. SavannahLeeCoffee kisses Uncle Tintin. They embrace. He gives her holy gold mithril platinum obsidian coins. And an emerald necklace. And a ruby scimitar etched in tibetan egyptian runes. The noldori smoke a bowl of cocain. Feanor and illuvatar discuss at MarHaBaRaSa ArjunaDavid‘s Psalms of ²¹°ⁿ the holy mountain of French drow ranger quarter quartet Polynesia var. Gelatto 4.12 Meow Isis Nt Efrii Efreet Djinn Dervish Summer singes the enchanters robes in mayan chocolat beir in the plains before Mar Sonnath. Dabo is on the Sun Dragon slate path leading to the Dragon Queen‘s four post bed surrounded by exotic flowering herbs in the daiz is a frescoe of Akashas lineage from beyond the dawn of time echoes her crazy laughter. I can get alabaster potions and quaff them. But I prefer Laudanum and mescalin in Eternal Summer high above Soho in my penthouse artists warehouse loft where I pretend my city will survive The eternal oil crusades and rape music syndicates and tattoed dunkompf chicano pirates. Transascend bitch screamed the niggerhair kraut schweinnekompf at the puppy but I dove to the poppys rescue and tackled Joseph Goebbels choking him to unconsciousness. Arwen cracked open a waltussin long acting cough which she claimed was apple sauce and fruit punch tinctured by the light of the Pleadies. She has thick lips after An witching hour of elixir heists in the filthy hobo grottos of inbred vampirish slag hags. Ich bin deo an ri. Meine tag gra ort. Snakes in the vent sing green for the king, a dog has a poptart a daschund drives a golf cart high up in Faydark.

meep meep in outer space we could start a galaxy Thats all folks
How would you say that dextrorphan psilocin mescaline siksiki eskimo talladega yakuza polynesia maynard emerald dragon draconian longsword cornucopian sardacity diplocity is nirvana does the piss achieve nirvana in hell illuvatar burberry you really mickey moused yourself this time you are in so much trouble did he make you put your head in front of the laptop theyre all over him see no fear yeah infinity zions to infinity zions on infinity worlds infinity universes hyperspace theres all our friends over there i just feel crazy harkonnen anubis stepped pyramids overcast world skyscrapers anon dneu carma spirit of wolf aliens are jissming on the windshield your other right hand side moms backdoor man is a vampire the chimney told me i sure love cough syrup i cant believe you dont do it leaf vortexes brotherhood of the wolf pans labyrinth children of men the brothers grimm hes in the tall grass now snow drifts ravenous deermen winters kiss galaxy alchemy galax e mother god ni gosh heiroglyphic white noise navy ping shiny ring dont pay him any attention if you like it then you should have put a ring on it antares ursus fang bash faydark brittania taming… as i am a mainliner of church derp can i steer this ship or does it concieve me im elegant as a summer breeze and leaves that have just fallen grindy i shouldnt shit down in the mall lil waynes in the orange juice ××®^ miwphf slemajam e vatmic fmtats crb lsd greys magenta wallboard fairies 4chan.org pan flutes magic hat ipa space boots you take eight lazy eue silversun pickups all websites i support and number games ego tripping name games survival tek warnings offerings fantasy stores culture rhyme collage compound hippy paramilitary dark fantasy mind over matter eskaflowne flux wave solder bubbler scale stem black velvet 543 930 nanci raygun 1012 6 dead rock i just got this laser in my eye

Liquor Angkhor Wat = easy peasy = oh my god = yæh = one word = with or without you = the bees are aware = alien trip shift notice = sa = tursty nurples = thats not good now is it = e to the motherfucking eigth = oh, dap = mecca = if i want your promise to be mine woah oh oh oh oh woah oh oh oh so sad and lonely for the longest time for the longest time time time i wanted your promise to be mine = im not resisting arrest these are nonviolent peace movements = count magus lee = dont cry = bring bring im doing this all day now = hes not right = thats not how he did it = born a vampire = waking up to dreams within dreams = orange scorpions = cassiopea = whats good = π = ecstasy planetary ascenscione = we are a community of 400,000 fighting spam = oops scoot duke = blow the reactor = littleboyblue = loverofearth = clintonrossnoble = ahi = jack frost = world circle = cia sonic lab #3 = mirrorradio = black flame souls = visual mind 3,4 ∆ = son do you knowwhat you just did = eleven birdmen in a circle eight are dead x11 = crn in bho family of living light = cellar door = 7-777-$777777777777 = c.noibfepsilocybe = 7572186677 = Hilton Plaza = cool store = play forever = i am so fucking high = i serve the bird kingdom of the universe = voltamorataiiicsm = balls in the air im serious double dare = plabs peace like a buuddhist = shambha.la thesun.tv reharakhty.org cunt butter eatingflowers tenludar edmud.net:9700 everquest.com edli.com the morning star sun ship 30 feet tall valhal.la shangri.la ava.la chastize me not im on the ceiling chug it narc THE END IS EXTREMELY FUCKING NYE 5.) Learning to fly blinded by the light caught him red handed ive known you since you were little boy i control all themeth on earth nothing is without origin truly nomadry is the essence of all things we are for a moment intensely complex self aware creatures with language and then… ima eat stir fry while you fry she be waking up wet easy peasy for sheasy past the pallisades its only a sunshower weve been through worse weather green light go weezey go santa baby peace on earth a golden age should have boughther a bracelet thanks for teh parting gift hhgregg pppllllluuurrr nnnnnnmmm bvcn plur ur swerving broadway skyscraper im the devil hes really freaking me out are you retarded i love you dippity dop wueloe like wudan chuloe bees on horses horned cat fullthe while word pick up loud blocks tic tock paddy whack mayb.e stellar dork c17 40n12h70c anne franke jon bennette ramseys oops scoot duke i have the address of an air force bunker with three men in a room sawed from head to toe hitting each other it is nebula captain star commander sixerniner tile nebulas purple nurples snazzberries purple people eaters keytwos hemphoodie bambooflute papasan sherpahat orissaindia thaikohsamui northernlights#101 bubblegum karotek baroreceptor langley peeps bobrush peugot raleigh 33 cglw senal 37 waveform dexradio i know youcan hear this im on naked ladys 88th blue demon walk over yourself in mid air inside a mirror you wouldnt do that now would you taller and baller im a bigboi wheat penny spirals augury snakeskin the game vampire hand signs chicken little communion supperthe wholeuniverse in one room bugboy how did i get here on a pound of opium on summer nyc with 500$ in my pocket and a knife strapped mooncat cocoa koyaaniqatsi moonkhat khat rumen vhdbl akira nerf herders bubbliscous God this is a ufo sun ship called the morning star where jesus and his wife ra live , jack frost is the holy spirit

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