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Okay so its my body says phone1 

Hi Clichèlite, Whats good? Lots of bad things added up together? Hehe H.U. H.U.’$ crazy laughter echoes in eternity  thehomophobiclesbians.com

This is all true to the best of My ability, although chopped and screwed usrobotics pcmcia cards have left us alone but shafts of their light sometimes grace the corners of thour rooms

“What is the best hobby in a Convalescent Home? Rainbow Family would risk hitchiking to stay out of these Hells. Be honest which one is scarier? Hitchiking is scarier my friend told me someone tried to take him on the wrong exit ramp? Johnathan Critter lied? If he was scared he is still doing it today. ”

”Maybe we could steal books and go back to jail I mean jails are nicer than Sanitariums. I might be willing to try it. I would steal Japanese Cartoon Books and Foreign Dictionaries. Its probably not even stealing. Maybe they are murder victims in carbonite. House of wax. Wizard prison.“

«Do you love je’sus. Maybe he will rescue you from Hell. Its hard to tell but I think an apostle named John wrote revelations in spoof he calls himself Jesus and speaks for him. What if John was a liar? I mean there are Apocrypha too. Unpopular books of the bible the church didnt ‘like’.»

„i7i7 hwhy is hebrew for King Lord. Garden Gaiden תנך פלוס I think it says The Torah in Israeli. Now for intelligent nice people the only way you could enjoy the bible is if either you believe it is sarcastic genius indians jokes or a boldfaced lie of numerology nsa. or if you hated black hair and savored Blonde power believing Hitler to be blonde but he wasnt he was a dunkompf.„

))These were my colors I used here gold yellow grey neongreen forestgreen. What species is that? Could be a garden snake or heaven worship of trees suns Greengreygold has black for cores? And blue for blood red when spilled boogers are green and brains are grey bones are white? So you forgot Blue gre white which is psilocybin or cocarall. Gurus say we are an Alien God Race called Greys but it might be Psyops. Syfy deceipt for pleasure an artificed Utopia. Ministry of Information 1984 Monty Python Neo. What good would it be to be a Quetzalcoatal Viking Garden Snake without magic psilocybin mushrooms or cocarall, adhd medicine. To potentiate your intellect and strength?((

’’Do you love Greys? Of course they have aesthetic reputation as friendly potent, mysterious, divine, prophecy of evolution, syfy technology, hyperspace architecture, Shroomery.org/forums . Are they the FBI? I am pretty sure I was tricked to call FBI’s HeadQuarters the Cia’s. Does FBI or CIA do anything friendly? I saw on the news FBI does a minute amount of missing people detection and CIA is Crusaders.‘’‘‘’‘’‘

‡ Its going to be allright. Je’sus will save us soon. Stealing books might make him proud or maybe I was wrong and red is not blood but is Roses? Rubys Rainbows Redwoods Foxes Ladybugs Amber well those protect against bloodshed. I thought the Ladybugs wanted to be free not trapped in a foodless bus so I let them out the window. Wouldn’t they have starved in there? D∅es the Ladybugs eat herbivore ‘‘insectz‘’ from Japan called Aphids or DuneBugs? I dont know but Ladybugs are pretty. But it is immasculating. Thats going to cause homometrosex mutations. †† )A lady bug is Futurama the Syfy Cartoon Movies, the asian cow farmers of Branigans thralls wifes parents(††