This is as fun as sherlock hits in a dipset kiss.

mercy to the seventh heavens to murgatroid portrait of chicago at night first in flight poignient dutchess laquer ruby umpire ambrosia elite tolstoy macabre dugong fountain whos atlee is amused with shoe glue on queue off screen printer way the shaolin save the day and make buddhas pay to the hay bale runs away dot safety fructose bursor hush boise to south centrifugal nomenclature warware displeasure angler pilsner driftwood. hutzspa kudzu lanakiæ meovingian sky labs at icy tuna phish tunare liquor pristine artichoke dearth agreeing pursuant to a good night kiss pragmatic amidst lattice of haitian castls rock pale ale i set sail for bagota and a whale flew through my brail torsaltzburg bugler houdini luger lexus prussia. birdmanc

Helvetica to Havarti at the after party.

In this post it is basically an ouija board of artistic profit searches, with dreams of being first is as a hippy safe and sippy. I can only say, dont hit the hay unless youre by an exit way. Back of the club is where youll find me, sipping more wet is at least a fruit tree sidelong demure langcaster the cure
whats nice? do you think we should hit the road? i mean if we can save our money for an id card and a greyhound ticket and camping gear and food and toys and clothes yes we could ride the greyhound to a camping party or a natice american church mescaline party or a jam festival or a club, arts and crafts show, art gallery, movie theatre, we would take a taxi if you are not afraid of that you can leave. how do we get the money to adventure? We play lottery tickets like good people do. but to play the ottery you need startup funds, i read online you will recieve at least a third of your investment back from the lottery, so if you are doing that it is a 2/3 loss bank account feasibly. With the chance of great riches called gambling. it is popular among laborers to gamble their paychecks they are basically blue collar which would probably make art and deposit in a bank account. i had the delusion of being blue color but i am really a laborer, and am too afraid of school. but i would study at if i had the momentum or anyways if you are an adventurer you must buy fruit or narcotics to survive jihad which believes in an afterlife versus robotic tolkein peace, the trick is to age with light towards elysium perhaps and garden bountifully acquiring popularity in your spare time as a hobby worker, i believe my friend catherine is a famous artist who almost joined the ama doctorates of medicine would say safety is in the eye of the beholder a gem of fortune and dorsal percepticon orthagonal rapunzel stout round robin dabobbin, if at first you dont succeed buy an e pill and some weed deals. pray for peace, peter pan lives east, grease the chi’s with cheese comes pinges of gold glory and god foretold make use of skoal i know a bowl id like to shut the window though. car today hart tomorrow says the olde irish blotter. Capisco linguinie rampart fillini achieve dream salts of bath tussin allah has fought for the international labguage of porcelaineversal stamets as to for time in helicon to bram stoker climb the wine for dryad rhymes, mind the salts, balkan watchdog cockatrice pringle greenbrier pier of eyerie lira belloquoise i miss you the most elaine why did we do it in the kaboose e cigarette jyice is useful rue syrian hammock sen tu cherib blimelight pippen stoagie.

(oHere is a joke Donald John Trump messaged me today.

They diss black in this post and prop beastiality it is not a big deal if I write a disclaimer. But it is telepathic from Higher Sources and All that was Available for robot finger massages this afternoon. Peace I love you. Try to be cool and nice. L8r g8r. clinton ross noble.

where would i go if mom and dad and jim let me move out? ∆?i wish i could go to elaines and take her back? but she loves another, i already contacted her. what about candace? by now candace is married? or will hurt me again?she left me before because of vicodin, but she wanted to come back because of malt liquor. what is malt liquor? it is alcohol germinated glass cervesa, or pedophilia? money and i.d. cards corner store?
they really kill pre germinated seeds that means malt. how do they justify pedophilia? i think they say trees are evil and trees like it, spinning?
so, monasticælly that is a double file line. wouldn’t if be weird if glass liked it too, being buried? glass is sand melted into connections by glass blowers they make ganja and crack dmt pipes too. they call them one hitters, bongs, bowls, bats, chillums, steamrollers, stems, vaporizers, sherlocks, bubblers, you can get them from or do you smoke cannabis? i had bad experiences with it, i dont smoke it, i saw my dad raping me and my mom stabbing me and my puppy got cremated, sound hurts if you smoke with africans on pavement, asphault is rough and there is a language barrier where ears have to convert darkness to light that is called mach. i am a yellow hair green eye, i prefer dextromethorphan laudanum tussin to burning seed nuggets, but spanish catholics have infiltrated the virginia state police and rape children to cannabis inquisitions, a spic will always burn green beans in the 1700’s. They call themselves the original assassins, hashashins, and believe in jihad. they hate wine. their nigratic wetback souls are assured in nirvana where they will have fourty virgin wives and acres of dope. a stucco taj mahal and plains of painted deserts with horses and tipis. squaws. how long will their ghost wives be virgins? maybe like a month? they would just swap the pussy juice and create a hive coven? in arabia potheads marry girls at age nine. all potheads are like that and use esp to infiltrate american kids bedrooms. a wetback used to jerk me off when i was a little boy, wetback means cum looking skin with a crown of fesces and hell. hillfolk really, creepy fake christians, look like a gay penis. i dont love hillbullies theyre disgusting. trump is right about his wall, we want all niggerhairs out of amerikkka. if it doesnt have blond hair it should be put to death. darkness is fesces and suntan, an abomination and pedophile sorcerer it uses radio macchinery to target vikings constantly called triangulation psionics. why do shitheads hone in on sun elfs? to eat their dna, chicahaminos love to suck nordic dongs. but it doesnt have the right to touch us. god turned the muslims shithaired as a sign of their perversity and ganja pedophilism. so as witches a chincrilla wants to be burned for jihad to free their faggot souls to the sun, nazis call these hag indians dunkompfs or schweinnefleische, schweinnekompfs or dungfleische, hivrilla piglicia retardation shit enforcement agency, ritual pedophilic mutilation, niggerdly bug snake men martiannunaki, flushtopianist adelphic landfilllanders, complicit whores of babylon perpetuating ragnarok for loki seth apep ammitt lucifer apollyon satan hel queerdome trespassing voodoo negress psychic stalker hiv ape copper niggerhairs, and they all torture norse for the police department! odin calls jewbags undercover brothers or jewish hammers, and claims they crucified his son the messaiah in darkness! god says we need to kill all darkness lynch it burn it bury it, and anyone who opposes odinn will be executed, only yellow hairs have the right to exist, we cant allow darkness to prosper it is openly homosexual and schismically satanic, a torturer, it desires only to rape the sun , i pray i escape the negroid saneterium of kike rat supervolcano yahood boggarter sheister copkin, for darkness supervolcanos are a good enough fate, but sun beings love aten , earth is shit and we will learn to fly i have the recipe right here it is adderall dextromethorphan newports camels. god is thirty feet tall inside eden which is the sun , but the negros have hollowed out the earth and will open the sonic doors at night of famed jim morrison and terence mckenna which they call hyperspace it is felix the cat, drugs are magnetic and darkness wants them all to bury us in oceans of shitfrican hivcanoism, anyways bedbugs are heatseeking and they populate the ama’s ghettos. In a mental ward the light must remain on at night but the gays rape the yellows for that, negros are ingrates and love squallor to waller in the shit of night. I preached to my rupee hag mental asylum but they never repented of murdering animals and trees and force feeding sedatives, blood drawing, and forced car rides, bug spray, bleach mops, floor polish, ppd needles and casual rape voodoo niggotry, all darkness loves to do is raid heaven and drag it to fesces and incarceration. An e weighs, you can get molecular cathinones at in norfolk virginia but you need an id card and entrance fee to the hobo vampire club but it is fun because indians will sweat around you to rape your lymphnodes with aids and snitching. remember the alamo. spicritism is pheremonal evaporative bug diseases, and nigritism cannot make it to the sun, it will be clouds or shit. reefer is shitclouds. but bird shit is light. kind dove. why did i tell you this chapter of the bible? because it was mandated by stalkers to raise aggression towards yellows, we would never say this stuff, color is not aten it is an optic phenomenon, and texture is more divine. what is the best mineral? it is lithium from north carolina or obsidian bone hoop earings, maybe emerald tiaras and adamantium lamborghinis. See eyes are money, and they are a satanic luxury, one of the universes sentient beings has already gone blind, and wrote this from clockwork bird light as a game. it is little bessie my canine wife and i condone beastiality, she deserves it because she had both her eyes die and she is female, i do not believe in strict monogamy except if the partners use narcotics hallucinogens in which case they must be quarantined from black worms which crawl inside the universe toutinv biblicial geneology. Some of this is pure ouija board and I can not validate it, but I have already told Lynn Page esp is coercing invisibly, and I must delete any cussing that supernature causes which is depressing. Because jail is too dangerous and cussing is illegal. So I hope you have a good night, anger is gross, and who is the lorde? pure heroin you pse lolz anyway the lumineers dont think elaines right for him think about what might have been cumberland gap tennessee i dont know where i went wrong someone helped me sing this song… Anyways, I love Seetons too, she is super orgasmic, but in the end we will probably be linux gundams and an ocean of light meth rainbows only feelable through lief agape namaste prana i hope you have a good one, try to weaponize and save lives, lets be fruitarian socialists in flagstaff manhattan la and bagota, catamarans are good anyway if you believe in d&d you will do everything you can to be safe and light and well fed, i hope that the oil crusades end today, and we the earth to edens. Peazy for sheazy, tei amo.



what do y’all think about the news that violence is so proliferate? it needs to stop i think. are we allowed to broadcast that kind of stuff in the universe? what we should do is dye our hair yellow. then we should wear green contacts. that solves the visual preturberences. why should we do that? because it honors the sun. when will we do it? when we grow a garden. I am growing a garden of light next week. it will be moonflowers, ma huang, and capsaicids, solanaceæ. it does not intend to copy? who do you want to look like? eminem? how does he remember his words? i am not sure maybe cocain repeAts it for him in his head, but he comes from detroit dark hairs i think. he says his mom used him for pills ? anyway what would it be like to work for marshall ex matthers? from the general air of it, it is supposedly rare for a rich person to recruit employees, they would rather take the money to the grave. like they are not humans. why on earth would a rich person ride an airplane? it is pure nonsense. to risk your life . i would go for broke if i was a celebrity, try to spend it all and give it all away  . i am  very intelligent. i will teach you how to spend your money. buy a hemp hooedy from and vegan petfood from buy ayahuasca from and a flute from buy a nakijima wpt150 from buy a parka from buy a shroomery supporter account from buy biotechnology career, buy northern lights seeds from , and so on i mean go to and play and diablo 3 from and buy hosting from a solar panel webhost and a white jeep wrangler 2000 sport with 33″ tires sahara, an arbhour bamboo longboard from 17th street surfshop, by a 7′ foot funboard from buy a season pass from buy a room at buy clothes from now these are websites i know that offer purchasing ideas but they are not entirely specific buy shoes from and a phone anyway take care it is just some web ideas. for general hippyness. i hope you are having a good day or night and the violent news stops. i told the police, witches are making me cuss, the only thing i can do about is delete it when i get psychic feedback that it is vulgar. i wish i didnt have a delete key, i am not in to satanism, i am just a mentalbpatient trying to be fruitarian socialist sun elf with popularitt toys love friends safety church and nature trying to garden this year and save my ssdi allowance for hippy gear i make ten cents an hour, or if you compress it into a working day 30 cents an hour i did not choose to live at this ambulatory adult home, my sodomite father and knifer mother dumped me here after years of torture, they pay for my cellphone and buy me coffee tobacco and lighters z anyway it iz fun at the library on the typewriter an ibm lexmark industrial size, i might go there today, its 5:30pm est on thursday april 18, 2019 at hilton plaza assisted living facility 37n 77w i am clinton ross noble 7-21-1984 150lbs 5’8″ 6″ penis defanged circumcized i take risperidone vistaril zoloft and tenex i am going to walmart on tuesday with an nfl player to get garden supplies i hope, life is hard i am destitute mostly and preyed on by the other saneterium patients i wish i was free i am trying to escape bullys shouldnt be real, maybe my dad will buy me a greyhound ticket to the west coast but he used to whip me and stuff he has dark hair i doubt he will let me leave i had a vision of him sodomizing me from jareds bluegrass i dont know why gays rape their own sons sns but it is disgusting i had to smell bad in highschool from kristen brittingham i dont have any friends or family reaLly i will probably go to the library later to escape my sycopath niggerhaired witch bully queer roomates they are a three some of gay rape edward lAmont woods, matthew, and luther duffield, they use esp and are protected by piglicia i would kill them in a heartbeat undercover brothers jewish hammers setinist wetback giant hags they are always honed in on me niggrifying and raping me for i have no protection the piglicia have alreDy tortured me and my son, i dont believe cops should exist and would torch them with greart swiftness, death to babylon burn the darkness, etc. one love, whats good, peazy.


[ [இ⛧⳩✯卐卍࿕࿖࿗࿘ॐૐऔंༀ唵✯⳩⛧இ] Please moderate: that is what the universe writes, i am not that real… how can i hunt down the cusser espers? they have rights anyways, i cannot pursue justice, in court i would say fuck you judge fagly your undercover witch familiars framed me… voodoo ass coppers… “”maya.epa… dp tao way path iching tarot wicca samhain book of kells the tibetan book of living and dying the tablets of destiny quetzalcoatl torah quoran vulgate be here now the holographic universe supernature dwayp waydp ad yne yonnie uma uno one (AD)(10)”

To Deborah Lee Goble Noble and Julius Clinton Noble Junior! Why do I have to stay in a gross ass black saneterium Hel!

i told my p.o. lynn that witches made me smoke reefer as a boy with esp pushing and she called me a liar. i do not send mean text messages. a witch is stalking me. i told lots of people i didnt choose to choke savannah and use drugs i read about it exodus says suffer not a witch to live and revelations says there would be sorcerers without the city of god. nobody believes me when i tell the truth they all call me a liar. therefore they are witches. i dont know what to do you two deny the bible. and you call your only son a liar. pulled his fangs out. whipped him killed his puppy locked him in a cage took him on airplanes slave schooling. are you two witches. seems pretty suspicious the mutation you have done to me, your meateating and flushing, lawnmowing, haircuts showers circumcision braces lack of vegan petfood, neutering spaying, ashy kibble, jet setting, adelphic landfill beliefs, dark hair , incarceration, kidnapping children, blood drawing, catheter up penises, fingerprinting, strapped down, rehabs, drug tests, locking me away in a black saneterium, disowning me, stealing everything i had in the world sending elaine away, narcing on me for christian food, building dangerous inventions at work, babylonian complicity to oil crusades, 400° soldering irons, cooking boiling animals, killing beach creatures for collections… why do you think you condemned so many creatures to hell? i am in hell for sure yo, i hate negros they are disgusting and i hate chicanos too, dunkompfs are pure shit aids scum piglicia they all have esp rape macchina honed in on me nigrifying me at all times lynching is good enough for niggerhairs remember the alamo! krispy kream piggly wiggly! om namah shivaya! fuckkk the police! death to babylon! burn the darkness! malleus mallefactorum necronomicon! gabrielle anwar so lean! vas ist gut 22/7 vig π! achtung judah! it puts the lemons on its head or it goes to hel instead! allah ahkbar! humbdu allah! salaam malaakim! whats good! lo queesbueno? why did i say it then? why is the news real? its not fair to kill the body. we dont have visual minds/souls/spirits. bullies are like necromongers from the chronicles of riddick pitch black. they promise the body is basal banal and the soul is pure light. who has faith in that? i dont believe in taking risks i believe in robotics immortalith elfs. you and dad shouldnt be riding airplanes. dark hair is okay. its not really about vision one of us is already blind. its more about material texture. in the end we will be in gundam cushioned robots, and superfast in the interior, a linux network. levitation and mining planets. adderall made the nazis five times more potent i saw the death tolls from wwii only twelve million blonds died but sixty million indians died. why is that? jim morrison song five to one. well this sort of talk is opent to heresy. germans were not all blond, hitler never had a picture of him with blond hair, he didnt love vikings or he would have let judah join them with lemons. its not even about hair color, its more about eye color. blue is an opiated martian species it believes in plainscapea of sun bleached persian blue papavar wildflowers and tuscan marble mountains blue capped it is adderall melange from dune frank herbert, green is the cops it believes niggerdly disgusting reeferheads are torturing marihuana and that if you smoke with them they will sodomize you and beat you with esp niggotry voodoo! red is savannah queen of earth the fairys, brown is satan, but see i have a blind person stalking me lol, why are niggritism real? because i didnt make it in biotechnology i am a failure for not pursuing engineer education i dont know how to right my mistakes, got strung up in that reefer a xombie, much prefer tussinex really, even though you hate tussinex i believe it is a miracle fruit alchemy philosophers stone, and reefer is spanish catholic satanists inftrating the church, fake christians mysoginist cheauvanist cruel tyrrants hell? c have a good day wish i was with you…


D to the motherfucking 8th Homeboy
D to the motherfucking 8th Homeboi
fruit opium jesus 74 74 74 revelations 2:17 lief agape amo namaste liebe love you i wont text again sorry birdboic
its a vampiele son of dracula and a townsmaiden human hero from the movie vampire hunter d and the sequel bloodlust and a scanner darkly with keanu reaves and lil wayne aka dwayne wayne micheal carter… everything coincidence comptroller ousome i love you guys im c.n cartoon network peace outbirdwomandbirdwomanDthats was a prop for you mom youre Dfoxes have rights. the right to eat fruit. flagstaff arizona. oops scoot duke Blow The Reactor = In the left eye its okay to come outside but the right eyes a jerk

ᶫⁱᶫ ʷᵃʸᶰᵋ ʵƒ⊗⊕ɔɔɔbuy ipa keyboard from google play and project mpro, download iss hd live app too and little terminal note stellarium mobile i am neo easy peasy oh my god you could never compete with me i am ra ᶫⁱᶫ ʷᵃʸᶰᵋ ʵƒ⊗⊕ɔɔɔ
yo that proves it yo
see thats fucking ufos dude lol
ᵉᶠʳᵘⁱᵗᵃʳⁱᵃⁿⁱˢᵐˢᵒᶜⁱᵃᶫⁱˢᵗᵃⁿᵃʳᶜʰʸˢᵃᶠʳᵃˢⁿᵃᵗⁱᵒᶰᵉᶫᵒᵛˢᶢ this

sup sup sup

A.) on the left side its okay to come outside but the right eyes a jerk
B.) in the left eye its okay to come outside but the right eyes a jerk
Answer the God Damned Question or You Blow your chance at 30 feet tall heaven inside the sun 75°… With Jesus, and if you get it wrong youll never be tough boi… but the game is played like this actually: i love you try to be nice good loving sweet, lets eat fruit instead of meat, i have other good ideas, i had sex with a housecat and my sister in their butts in a expensive hotel swimming pool on lsd while snowboarding inside the moon bases backwards thr
ough easy peasy
it is a sexcapades to defame my fruit agenda, because the stalkers are ocd
there are two colors in my head what was that you tried to say tried to say

eh i would never say this even though it is just because i assume thou shall not kill is nice i have heard people complain before i dont hurt anybody i am just a gayed hospital inmate patient they make me cuss here with esp i did tell lynn witches raped me to reef i am innocent i wish lynn had supported me i didnt name names i am not a snitch they made me diss people in this post i am not a copkiller either i dont smoke reefer anymore i dont have any friends supernatural forces are saying this stuff we should still delete it kill? the title says complaining is wide scale panic armqgheddon like when the little girl from the zombie baby movie comes into her mothers bedroom… the news is real? is coffee pedophile? then bread is too? and beer? i dont want to fight you! stop killing! find a way to pay bribes! i know i love to pay money¡ but the universe is opposed at a quantum level¡ because it feels good to be nice to each other¡ thats what philanthropy is¡ generosity¡ with wisdom¡ o, ka do ab you dont give money to lunatics an african woman died for it via knife because the banditos wanted pinnachle treasures everything apex treasures such as fruit and watches heirlooms of royal dynasties to bums without culture for a knife wound i got stabbed too yo they framed me with esp to make it look like i did it yep they stuck me and aimed for the heart why were they mad at me? i am not in a great position to envestigate claims of forced masturbation and dad sodomizing me in delta frequencies or laser eye riri or mom appearing to stab me, defanging, taking me on airplanes, jail earthquakes, it does seem like some behind the scenes fool is ghouling us violence is gay¡ a vindictive creep¡ passive aggressive¡ equals codependent ransomers¡ every two bit jabronni wants a piece of us when they start feeling some kind of faggot way¡ whats gucci¡

i did not say this post. i said this though everyone needs to be happy, but we don’t all know how……you shouldnt be calling clinton ross noble a liar, he was raped by high times and he is not a snitch stop witching him he does not have esp. he was tortured kidnapped and dumped in general medical facilities for 20 years+. i wish i had witch repellant, its still shawshank redemption for me sometimes the gays get me i do not know any loving pasttimes in a sodomite saneterium needleville terminexland isnt that the cruelest philosophy, that there is no way to be nice? but we want what we cant have? they did suggest i take my shoes off and prop the door open, then walk slow barefoot indoors magicmanna aka hob knob bilboing=pilfering hehnhehehenhen yes they said to play keanu reaves in a scanner darkly its a cartoon movie about tripping on vitamin d undercovers burn notice when they lock him away on a sunflower farm littleboyblue what a horrible fate who would want to water sunflowers in tuscany on elysium days. me. i just made a dry joker rolling papacy. i think blue skys are beautiful. he did a thousand hits of lsd and then they put him in paradisio cielo abidi, like me. like the day i was born was the day keanu was on the farm. they looked identical. like phillip k dick wrote it about clinton ross noble forget me not freemasons chastize me not littleboyblue nirvana nevermind hi john soutter home hope you make it out of babylon dude the news is real i think i know quite close to the best bible but you can find better flute deals than eriks. half the price. on just type in bamboo flute and look for homemade type search result sites, ecclectic walking stick flute, didgideroo, egyptian forest flute, pennywhistle, pan flutes from well the pan flutes were poorly made but they were pretty as a relic zenithcclectic elephant carved driftwood glass table, persian rug, goa trance, silly sabeans silver survfer , donf : ( thats a bummer after all we have tapped here today they still dont love me and used witchcraft to make me look stupid by misspelling surfer as surver satan is always violating clinton i am so sad that bullies target me like i said do i have a purpose driven life? poiseidon neptune ariella namore ketamiñæœñ$ is important for dolphins without risperidone i will be very said. yes i have adapted to psychotropics welsh 4⁴… I went into captivity at Baracks Bequest, I met him once as a little boy, he is quite the orator which means state of the union or constitution i tried to join fm33 but failed its okay do you really think barack writes his own speaches? well i suspect he has to answer questions for his audience at the white house with wesley snipes murder at 1600 livin in a gangsters paradise i been trying all my life living in a gangstas cielodisioabidi space station sun is raleigh durham cumberland gap tennessee buy me a bouquet of dogwood powers why ith so thats what we think satan is so cruel and will not stop mispell raping us so we are in hel. then we need to scrap for a new happy scrapping is scavenging dusty i have about fifty cents on my nightstand. 47. ±1 7:06 Private Message. Robby, Jared, Thorgoodson, Donald, Barack, I am sorry I say voodoo it is pro who is the culprit what are the charges we can make stuff up cant we? do you know how to flail? do girls suck penises? the feline ones do ab ak, o… 5.5.5 you wouldnt do that now would you psillysighbin’ he said to atha de anon c ‘magic snexus’ $* ;/pickpocket 125b meiosis a whore is a deep ditch 1042 salaam malaakim with or without you if i want your promise to be mine enjoy that poody doo the bees are aware alien trip shift notices when you see this sign walk the other way ♠ oh my god coolio e to the motherfucking eigth is that me no hehe ^_^ a pound of pure they made me say their movie quote i thought i was talking to the presedent obama at any rate dmth president d&dth sirius liíîa眧 riverdale elfs now you will always be like this clinton is a tattletale right? he sayd robbies name and jareds…¿ but the truth is esp is real most likely or else i am being swormed by ghost ghouls… they say xombies can turn invisible… but its really the truth… i should have smoked with you i dont think reef is evil do i‽¿? if i knew the answer, hm it might hurt the fire, seems harsh, melts, then do you want to 7:18DM PM I am going to go do something else I dont know why i think my exfriend micheal thorgoodson is behind my eyes calling me a rapist, but i am not a rapist he should have been loyal to his own people im blond too like him he is estupido punto a fake blond he ditched me in a saneterium for twenty years
“witches suck they got esp the other blonds are traitors they say i raped this witch named lisa bowditch @ 7578761970. i told the pigs. reefer is enforced by witches esp. but the pigs say it was psyops and they sold it to me. why did pigs poison clinton ross noble? for carnal knowledge aka domination vampirism. that is how cops show they love you, by raping you. this is all fine i am not mad. i made it up though. but the first few words were true, but cops didnt sell me the weed, that was robby enriquez. a hispanic shorthair and his coven witch jared who huffs gasoline and steals from clients and jerks off in front of other giant males the likes of who deal camel tobacco and mock genitals. why does any of this matter? it doesnt. why did i write it then. because witches are attacking me. with esp. and my hiv cop harem slavemastress Lynn Page of District 19 Newport News says jon bennette ramseys is guilty of suicide and jfk sniped himself. I love when pigs die! a faggot toothless shorthair ganja meat nigger is staring at me creepily named edward lamont woods third bed from the left room 216 hp alf. he has assaulted me countless times! i would torch ed or lynch him but piglicia got his bk! he needs his eyes stabbed out. id cut eds head off and shit down his neck. i have to live with these ugly retarded faggot niggers in a saneterium! i would kill everyone-1 at this facility! But piglicia protect satan! the only good cop is piggly wiggly and krispy kream, tibet! niggerhair witches got to die! remember the alamo! fruit opium jesus! i doubt life is about hair color? its not like i have any friends! i dont care if jihadists get you! allah ahkbar! achtung dungkompfs! vas ist gut! death to babylon! burn the darkkkness! fuckkk the world! kkkill the police! loot celebrities corpses! malleus mallefactorum necronomicon! i am just upset my friend mike says i raped his wife. we all used to be friends. they all abandoned me. and tortured me with witchcraft accusation stalking and cancelled my adderall perscription! witches rape as they cry rape! isnt that absurd! thats the truth i had to have sex with lisa in highschool and she did it again afterwards. because i have hot knees. i dont know why thorgoodson is behind my eyes, but that slut got me long before i knew the pedophile letcher liche fake blond meatitarian doper scenester micheal thorgoodson a carpenter from buckroe beach virginia. witches are in my room it hit me and said “shut your face”
witches trespass i told the pigs but they say im a liar!
ra canned role! lol!
i would give any cop and judge a third eye in a heartbeat!
kill satan in the light! spear it!
at the after party!
fuckkk motown!
hit em!
fuck e pill hobo club kid vampires!
hippies are shit!
burn the deseil jeans and them!
a hippie witchcop just pulled the fire alarm it was listening to this gross!
pig witch hag shits are honed in via triangulation mutilating and mockingme!
why do piglicia protect rapist telepaths, i did not choose to do reefer!
witches shouldnt have rights!
i dont have esp!
i dont want them in my room!
i told the pigs the truth reefer is mandatory by witches esp!
they called me a liar you are known by the company they keep!
piglicia protect witches! exodus is the truth! suffer not a cop to live!
exodus is the truth suffer not a cop to live!
cackles lynn shit page teh Hag fake blonde a rapist perrero bendejo skunk bitch slavetrader meatitarian slag witch lynn fakeblonde page district 19 newport news, va downtown warwick boulevard!


why did i say this post upside down? ( : should have gave the nice stuff first and i might have forgave and forgot the beating cruelty anyways ÅΠ é wéigh$ ×xXx× i love you why on earth did i tally this stuff up doh you want to save your money and leave? someone would take me under their wing? it’s not that hard to save money? where would you go? nowhere i’m not going to move out? that’s right, I just say it when they pick on me? why do they like to hurt me? i wish i had allys? the pigs have already targeted me for years and years of hel, my family disowned me and all my friends ditched me, i was robbed to destitution and sodomized and stabbed, catheter up penis, strapped down, blood drawing, fingerprinting, they torched my puppy, forced masturbation, passed me around, defanged me, whipped me, braces, made me smell bad in school, slave schooling, forced airplane rides, rehabs, drug tests, beatings, derobings, cruel sexcapades, forced feeding, forced showers, bug spray, bleach mops, floor polish, ppd needles, meat trays, cuckolded me, cancelled my adderall perscription, killed all my pets, farting on me, nfl pimp stalkers, hiv cop harems, urukhai, housefly, mib, raped me, locked me away in a gay saneterium, forced car rides, skeevy food pimps, dust worm mafiosos, fake blonds, stole my green eye pigment, fed my pets ashy kibble and mutilated them, narced on me, years in a cage, forum bans, account deletion, trashcans, flushing, yelling at me, calling me names, lawnmower, handcuffs, slavery appointments, misdiagnoseses, beat me out, trespassers, casual rapist orderlies, unending voodoo mutilation. and every last one of them is listening you are dead you faggots you gonna go to hell you niggros fuck wetbacks kill kike rat supervolcano niggerhair scumfuckkks piglicia coplover pig witches whore of babylon dunkompf antichrist shit radiation dung elf psychopath crack boggarting hivrilla punk dog shit chicano loco s.a. punta! remember the alamo! fuckkk the police! death to babylon! hooray! wu¹ who hoo ‡hu huhm hu‡ let * the dogs out! *will did! willed it!  ‡hampton university¡ ¹Tangk¡ 


Good Morning. What’s up? sectorIHsatori.
We are a slave planet. We have to be Fruitarian Socialists.
Are you a Viking? Melanesian and Solomon Islands.
Do you like rich people? Ideally? But no. They don’t share on Ærythiiiæœñ.
Want to seek gainful employment? No, I’m a felon mental patient?
I work for my Dad I guess. We run . Do you like Adderall? I wish it is legal.
What are you up to today? I am in bed with my phone at 27~% Power @ 11:56~AM 3 windows open in Google Chrome Browser. It is Monday April 15, 2019.
My dad will be here soon. He is bringing coffee, tobacco, lighter.
Is that snitching? They will have seen it anyway as I carry it inside.
But we shouldn’t alert them because they use voodoo they will shit it up.
I have stalkers. They are perverted. Annoying fairylike thugs.
Why do you think they are after me? To rape me and frame me aka witch me.
It is too bad I do not have Police friends. Protection would be nice.
Eh maybe I will escape my Saneterium. Somewhere sweeter. Like where?
I guess the station in Hampton, Virginia, USA.
Cara. Anywhere it, the bus, goes is Good I guess. Might find a job.
Do I have faith in a different Parental Figure? Like Bill Gates?
No, I do not know any companies I could work for.
I guess I am self employed. WordPress Blogs.
What do and represent or mean?
One is about Usaf bunkers, One is about psychedelics, such as psilocybin or blue star mdma meth, visuals and one is about sun giants or dream birds.
Why did I tell you that? I guess I trust you some. Has faith in Life.
Am I foolish to think kindness heals all wounds? Robotic Evolution.
Well anyways, I hope you Have a good Day.

A daredevil blogs off of probation in a Saneteriu . Whyeth doesthe Ahi duete . Wellsh psychedelics art e mandalas tor ythan fortnight survivalshipoo e up. Opie, Yum. Please lord I know the best happy hobbys, please share money with me. The other patients use camoflauge and are inferior dead weight, contributing no intellect or profit to Jesuss enterprise. I can grow lecal eightballs and play an expensive bamboo wind instrument at gas stations with a bongoer, my sister got 1,000 in one day doing that. I can learn psp 3000 vitas and build mods for wifi telephony and a headset with a microphone for j3 emerge samsung galaxy is only 12 dollars. I am willing to play d&d with pat pet, and build small greenhouses to overwinter our eightball crop, I need clay pots and compost and seeds which i will order from the internet via a 7-11 money order. I will ride under the railroad tracks on my arbhour bamboo longboard late at night while drinking laudanu.m. I have been inside the sun and seen fbi sonic labs, and world circle, etcetera, I can grow psilocybin magic mushrooms, and research stereos and build computers, i feeded my pets vegan dog food which extends their life to 30 instead of 15. In thirty years, robotics will be in full effect, dogs never have to die again I am so sad I tried and tried to beat dad but he killed all our pets he has a man on the inside named sam houseright in collusion for jim redding as a shylock, sam murdered a man in a pool hall and stabbed a man in city farm he is not a viking like his hair suggests, he is a fake blond witch saw tons with loose bowels and bad hearing but i bet the witch can hear this just fine and he is senile a skeevy food pimp dust worm mafioso trespasser bad luck dude village idiot oaf cretin brute barbarian faggotsavage faggotliche with esp despite the amas order to not hear voices he farts in my room and promised me a cup of coffee but then changed his mind he is a liar and a fool an abomination with ugly jail tattoos all over him he beat me out and pimped me when i was trying to save opie dad fed opie ashy meat kibble and cut off his balls i would cut off jim sams and juliuses balls they dont have the right to exist, Opie deserved better, but the piglicia protect shit witches, cops are only good for roasting marshmallows or looting they have witch cop undercover brothers for as far as the eye can see and niggers are yahoods kike jewbag dunkompf schweinnefleische jewish hammers antichrists who dealed mdma to christ on the cross, the hobo judah shithead slags be doing the penis sassafras pills at it didnt work for any guru ever they all died and brag they escaped their bodies in the afterlife with voodoo esp which we are not allowed to hear, i had to prophecize there because I guess mdma is good enough for ghosts and i shouldnt badmouth scientists who can build replacement body parts and brew alqima buena¿¿¿ I just ate a box of coricidan cough and cold but i remember i have some ibuprofen pm for my nieces puppy Cookie. Cookie is a miniature daschund aka a weinerschnitzel is that a beagle? it should be but we are g ra. I kilted the bengaligress squawcking macau and stoletskin rupert her own macabre fife babad yvies toatha raiseng themsfeld asguard guardcats for the king of sheeba. I did never kill my siberian cat wife becase shes got a reall hot pussy and is fiercely loyal to ra lord of earf. and is quite gorgeous . thats what she do, as she shapeshifts into lesser females in the hall, they want to eat my wife it would taste incredible but we will pay her fruit instead of knife points. And use her stool as substrate for Stropharia Psilocybin Species, very few extroardinary gentlemen have used siberian bengali leopard tribe stool output of the nether regein, reign bho , 4:44 for karo tek or blacklight compass coordinating therein as much as i saw to the ways of it, a trickle of time, lingerz in the tussin wine fortuity searched your city out, it is only a matter of time before that and yuss devenvelop ambrosia tuscany vacations for feline divas. I wanted to tell you, I am God and I already camed inside your pussys. alot. aft midnight. on december 25 2012 in the yucetec language i am known as quetzalcoatal rawe king of the universe a dragon i can move at the speed of twice light and id fuck you while you were asleep rawe on tussin cabo wabo and ganjatop in a blue gap dress shirt and white izod chinos and ipath hemp skate shoes , that is how i invented micheal jordans downfall for the hindi have soiled his leather moreover and then i was at once clingon liazon towards the within of The horizons of dagon. He used to say anyways, only the sands of time will prosper only the geeks will survive. ride the dragon through the blacksom light fields of mercy and rainbow blotter skys. the sonic labs will leto atreides now beyond caladan betas, bilbo sihkhs rihanna for potato vodka frommers alize chacruna. Oompa Bump a ballon of supercool sat down by the rivers to pray worrying aboot dat fairth me cuileam tag gra ort deo and ri salaam malaakim lief agape namaste kundalini tao iching khyber transekei uma is quite the feind for marijuana it is a dreadknaught zion c.n hehe… whats poppin hood i got the wood mickey mantle güds, e upanishady merchantiles verant sacilafolia en guarde the elfs wept in their cavernous palacial blues and golds, red flowed from vats to soul, sangreal belloquose bucepherus botanicals dot comiho. slash belthsheeba making love to balthazar while asheroth addicts Azeroth to Musa Moss Myrtacea Cetacean Rusticarythroxylamb of code e login c.n chicahgo at knightz in wide setan soy lament for ezekileiel 3:1 is written in yeshuas hand forged by sand mantas to seclude Miyu from danville virginia hill folk maypole dill pickle whistle picking peter pepper pan of a galax e hustle rumsfeld doubles down as a aspen coriander harbor point sunni undulation wyeth olde time le monde the Lebanon Shiraz dons izods by the sun of merovingians i know one psion i want to give millions to rawe and everythinc in the morning light of a thousand lives stretching through mar sonnath in poppie fields of Deltamorphinan Lab Lark ÅSumptious of Christ the Elden Oake saw fit to stab the loblolly and cypress pines for their christmas decorations were easily orgasmic, feigning such time anomalies as the wizardry would allow toto to cry foul play.

Do you want to ride a Greyhound? Yes? When can we? Never? Bummer. If crapitolism dies. And piss it all ism wins, southern californiaism. Yep I would be on that bus so fast your head would spin. Hopi reservation, times square, l.a., bagota catamaran tripping perhelion, frylok, Why are people so greedy? I get 10/30 cents an hour. Nobody will help me. I asked the lot of people. Dang. Who can you trust anyways. I guess they would have to wear yellow camo and yellow hair, green eyes, long hair, fangs, winnebago aaa, drugs fruit, d&d, harnessed dogs, longboards, rollerblades, papasan, shimano tapestry, clean shaven, non greasy hair, face tattoos, bracers wool sherpa hat from nepal, expensive bamboo flute and dual bongos, sitar, tamba, tamborine, euchalaylee, haarpsichord, limo in times square in my underwear, they would have to eat pailocybin in front of me and have a septum piercing and guaged ears, black fingernails? four post waterbed round? antique currencies, vegan pet food, white horse, quickspeed, levitation, aura, ambiance, hiking backpacks, sheets of blotter, spiral observatory, hammockville, stained glass red rock floors in wall refridgerator, wall mounted flatscreen, plush yellow antique sectional, crt tv antique, full keyboard cellphones with front facing cameras, headsets, coffee grinder, fangs, pets, kids, fruit, parkas for expedition to north pole to hunt for santa, ps vitas, skull candy headphones, d&d, gardening ma huang datura apples peppers tomatos overwintering in greenhouses, be fruitarian socialists and cops but not drug cops, cops in gold, end all of babylons dangerous inventions, google glasses, xbox vr headset, italian wooden sherlock, organic smokes, granite countertops, moss paths, mr. coffee 8am? oriental rugs billairds ping pong tetherball foozeball arcades in ground pool and jacuzzi, concerts, molly, sonic labs, reperations, lots of pillows, roor bubbler or bong, nitrous, ayahuasca, minute man militia, safety equatorial terraform desert e fruit even distribution of wealth peace on earth artificial suns, planetary expansion warmthening cybernetics resurection ascenscion ignition space jam gardens symmetry brittish tibet flagstaff water pipelines , greyhounds only, terraform parking lots? mosquito netting, pantry, crystals, teeth whitener strips, green eyes, 5’8″ 6″ 150lbs 34 years old male viking indian hybrid, freckle tattoos, light loving, frugivore tripper, generous, picked on, genius, lord of earth the sun ra crowned inside the sun, fbi sonic labs, world circle, black flames, time diilation, visual mind chatroom mirroradio levitation tursty nurples mycology overgrow they would need that stuff, but i also like greenhouses and xboxes, composting, orchards, lottery tickets, plastic paper, loudspeakers, tile television, wheat penny spirals, moving shadows, writing your name in the sun? pulling the sun across the sky? crack cocaine stems, kilotons, waxed body fully shaved lol, chakras, kundalini, mana prana tao koan haiku zen zoroastra confuscious tenrezig krishna ghandi dali andes yerba matte gourds and silver bombilla, bluegrass, blue stars, whip creamer, psilocybin hpoo cpoo straw outdoor teks, monoliath james john, recruitment to safe fraternities, outlaw meat and herbs1/3, dig up the graves, monogomy, astringent pore cleaner and swabs pore strips, sassafrass forests, lobby couches, trevi fountain escape earth save the animals and trees etc, freedom, equatorial bracer tattoos star of david in their eye, the bees are aware, alien trip shift notices, tschussin, cactussin x, bitch x, irc #112, , fbi academy, adderalltussinnewports alienware toughbook water cooled zmud donations to npr shroomery dextroverse food not bombs wikipedia,, comic book sgores robots versus zombies, planetary ascenscione, johnny the homicidal maniac, calvin and hobbes, gary larson, charlie brown, reperations, blood nano contracts, settle debts, enforce english, study , biotechnology, city center summer tripping rich, linguist, medici, florence, freemasons, peace in the middle east, claws fangs, green eyes, trim pubes with scissors not razors, bath salts, nag champa, green indian ayurvedic veggie soap, driftwood art elephant glass tables lazy boy, door beads, lsd, house parties, weapons, pets, blueberry trees, doors off the hinges, freedom, psychedelic therapy fbi work release, catamarans, bunkers, mycology, overgrow, hippy busking, jailbreak, poundbreak, outlaw meat, evac babylon, shine, fly without airplanes, live forever young desert vagabond , , , dig up the roads and buildings? and graves? holographic glove computers, stop neutering and spaying animals and euthanizing them, swve the cops, legalize bribes and psychedelics, prepare for meteors disease famine supervolcanos bullies badparents, ascend, escape earth, ritzy freeganism, adoption of slaves, rescue rangers solar panels, exotic gems, lamborghini, black flames, face tattoos, quickspead, make your bed, brush your teeth, put your clothes away prop the door open, turn on fan, turn on off lights, need coffee supplies, garden supplies, elf supplies, d&d supplies, ps vita, online banking long passwords, laudanum all day long, friends love peace cool trippy fruit generous brave tats military employed as the wars end, save the cops save the cats sainthood, shepherds, lampposts, you might need liquor yoho, and crack yayo, on the dole, drifter army, the vegan adventurers guild, grafitti tagging sharpie fat, white out, chakras, kundalini, prana, mana chi guong cokhap, plastic paper, particle sifter, slownova, pleasureful flames, inside mirrors and the sun thirty feet tall yellow clothes shine job adderallnewportstussin, friends harnesses do we need condoms? what about molly clubs said that already good to say it again , thats all, we believe we are the flesh, and it should be preserved nicely, we dont have a spirit urukhai stole it, we want the killing fo end, and raping, slavetrading, animal testing puppy mills landfill burial drowning showers cruel lawnmowers… the bad stuff needs to be boycotted and outmoded reliquated to the dark ages of industrialism , we need epa, legalize psychedelics prepare for danger need employment recruiting police training longboards plums peaches pears bananas apples gobblet flagon cartoon network syfy 7572221111 okay do you want to come over? i live in virginia if that helps, you would have to text me 7575931936 or email me 311 main st 216 23601 clintonrossnoble 7211984 150lbs 6″ 5’8″ siksika niitsitaapi 150lbs light gold white red skin sandy blonde hair green eyes greyed by e pill wutang, defanged circumcized, puppyciders, christmas forever, pretty easy, okay so i will wait for your text message. I am in a saneterium being needled and stuff bug spray floor polish bleach mops nfl pimp slavery meattrays forcefedpills, stalked by harambe reptilians, quack ass luther duffield farting in my face, my dads a sodomite, my mom stabbed me they torched my puppy and sent elaine away and stole my spore syringes and pot seeds and all my growing supplies they locked me away in a prison for a long ass time defanged me urukhai housefly red frequency ripping, okay so what do i want to do if you come visit me? delsym cough plus waltussin long acting cough, newport reds two packs, diet coke, ramen, cookies, mikes harder lemonade, nitroys ayahuasca longboard build cool bikes have a bonfire play music barefoot, tattoo party swimming, hotel, adderallnewportstussin, the sun ra, sonic labs, quickspeed, yellow hair green eyes fangs aaa manhattan flagstaff los angeles bagota catamaran mycology jailbreak poundbreak who will let the dogs out save the animals resurection cybernetics linux sudo apt-get chmod777 root su xenial lroject mpro , stellarium mobile, coffee, robogels, san pedro, courvosier vs, doughnuts, limos, overgrow, papasan, school bus rv, roor, orissa india, graphix, cheech and chong, crack city, run with the wolves, free money, solar cellphone charger, yopo datura ephedrine scopolamine capsaicids solanaceae lanikae ursula the gret bear godess okay thats all you know the bible… just a gayed saneterium prisoner trained to pound a robot honestly but we could go out to eat and a movie? drink mouthwash huff spray deodorant x pills blotter take the doors off the hinges bonfires particle sift dig up quickspeed freedom fight fruitarian socialist yellowhair green eyes peace i love you if you meet these criteria you should come adopt me… ra jc jf cn aten adderalltussinnewports the sun, raaaaaaaaaaa peazy foh sheazy

~%Ð imethyltryptamine
~∴Ð ope
~⋮Ð mt
TussinDXM Adderall10AD Newport Green Cigarettes. ulvas, Feanurielle, Nipsy Hustle, Tursty Nurples, Silly funny, They often pick blackberries with Julius Ceaser for GNams to make pie with.Turin, Damien, Halloween, Today. Fourth of July, Travel permits, Jacks Ra alto paradisio. Apples, Bananas, Ivape. Now we lay us down to sleep we pray the lord our soul to keep if we die before we wake i pray the lord my soul to take give us this day our daily bread and lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil but forgive us our sins as we forgive those who trespass against other. and debts are forgived against us. Truly God Thy kingdom is come May your will be done in Heaven as it is on Earth. Ave Maria. In Excelsios Deo, Haellehiujah Catholic richer beautiful, exotic—divinity·se’lah. Inventory week. Save all. crn om clint dmt. whats good? I love you. Liquor Angkhor Wat. do ab. Sri Lanka. Sao Paulo. Ligress. Quietude. Jesus. Quayludes. Ketamine. Peyote. Peace on Earth, Good Will To Men. Felice Navidad. Mistletoe. Nog nog nog. Moan. .dneu, Neopolitan, Safrole, Camphor, Cyanobalamin, maoi, , , Pristine scarab, A ware wolf. Montpelior Gettysburg Freemasons Illumination The Secret Entertainment Pax Pace Paz Yeshua Rabonni Nazarene Lorill land Light up a soda slim, gotta have a wawa, the birds, green light go weezey go, jim kelly m bison buffalo bills nfl newport rip van winkle, Elysium, Shangri-lah, Baldr, é, 22/7, c17h21n04, Arcturus Heliopolis Feline Auf viedersehn Cardinal Oriole Maypole Tucson Anchorage Soho Danville Myrtacæe Dugong Maurice Atilla Musa Latvia who can you trust – morcheeba, down down deeper down until i reach perfection, Sara Goble, Beeswax Candles, Bricks Pickette Fence Adoption Employment Federali Missing people detectives beltane occidental, orient, protractor, e yum, Confuscious Madagascar Blue Moon ecstasy Trinidad Belize Tijuana Baja Hoody Saskatchawann Mount Kalish Loyalty Rescue Rangers Olympus Liazon Parsippany Chocolat Sun bleached plains, signboard, slate paths, Mar Sonnath, howls moving castle Tetsuo Courage the cowardly dog Purple Nurples fourteen ghosts on my back mecca ra adderall blue galaxy tile tv dimension blue stars molly Transekei TransSiberian Dostyoveski Milton You really mickey moused yourself this time alien trip shift notices the bees are aware you are in so much trouble, black flame souls, sheen, chine, Times Square, Bengali Koala Komodo Tribeca Nantucket Ed Sheeran Thinking Nitrous oxide local anesthetic Cocaina buena alqima Dextrometorfano cellar door carpathian sepulchre porcelaine cusp casper capri fungiii kiiiara desiiigner al green epæiii æœñ§ ægypt Anno Substrate delsym cough Tobacco Barn Moss Paths Courvosier VS Brandy French wide bottle, Silver surfer Archimedes Pythagorus Socrates Tenrezig Fujimotoko Kusanagitana section 9 cybernetics , papasan pier one imports, Fangs, Quickspeed, Mirrorverse, Fbi Mhs, Espn sportscenter Daedalus Etruscan Pomegranet Alabaster Piperidine Eris clemson Dandylion Empire state building Rolls Cobblestone Time travellers Time Bandits Baron Munchausen Gullivers Travels Akiiira Follow the yellow brick road were off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of oz, hi ho hi ho its off to work we go we laugh and play and sing all day hi ho hi ho hi ho hi ho Saturday i went out to play tomorrow was yesterday dippity dip dop We are a community of 400,000 fighting spam. EPA. OSD. Yoho Well thats the world Its a small world after all have a holly jolly christmas for hes a good fellow we wish you a merry christmas and a hobby nu yeir honey Hemia Salicafolia Brugmansia Butterbread It could have gone down different a different order, less commas capitolization and periods more mazelike a table of contents numerology brain medium ink color but this is how it played out in black monospace with adderall pic for keyboard its now 20% power on saturday april 13, 2019 lte 12:20PM SA 4 windows open https://rahorakhtymorg/wp-admin/post-new.php Chrome Samsung Galaxy J3 Emerge bam bam 37N 77W Do not give out our coordinates Worry Sorry Who did it? A fool. Dave Velascoe. From NY. The trick is to get money without killing.
No one has ever been able to do it. How can we get money? I guess that is not the trick, and I have stalkers abusing me. You could name all the cities, drugs, gods, welfare reforms, personal information, cellphone numbers, list of toys you want, shapes and colors survival guides , fantasy characters, dream cities, teks, or you could list things that cause pain a whistleblower, We will do neither. None of those phenotypes seek us. Genres. Species. Who does pray to us? Nobody. Who do we pray to? I do not know. Maybe Jesus. Or Ra, Aten, Jack Frost. clint noble, . psychedelic frugivores. paramilitary hippy vikings sun dragons. Greyhound bus drivers, pfizer shire, rjreynolds, art bic lighter, walmart tents, Cartoon Network 17, Phillip K. Dick, Elorgtussy, crossbows for felons, hemp hoodies, , , , , Ding ding ding what have we won…?!? ¿ ¡ a… Would Phillip rescue Clinton? Phillip K Dick might rescue me soon.
I dont know.
We are through with writing?
What would you like to do instead?
Be adopted by Phillip K Dick.
And marry his daughter.
I heard he lives in Nantucket Maine.
But I dont know.
He would be a cold loving species then.
I cant make it up there.
The winds of thor are howling cold.
Why am I dying?
Because Satan loves drugs and architecture.
And they lace those, and they collapse.
We should preach to Set.
Dear Seth, Ahkmet, Kismet, Open sesame.
The thing I want to do today is realize Grindy can turn into a cartoon dog fight. And mom has werewolf eyes. The sun god is a blue african. My siblings are jewish ashes and spider rappers, i was born on green gold red tiles in the summer in a one story rancher with inground pool yes i know
Are you fleeing Babylon?
We would if we could.
Our only option is ,
and maybe a hippy fraternity.
Cara. I bet we could outlaw cars, and use the roads for bamboo longboards.
And parking lots for gardens.
Why do Gay bullies come around?
Dave just hurt me really bad.
I am in Hell because he came around.
Hes a homosexual chinc with a gay lisp.
He beat me out of stuff and trespassed.
Dave is Satan.
He stops up peoples toilets so they get reef infection from cleaning it.
I caught him drinking shit in his coffee.
Anyway, I hope Dave dies.
He is next to Willy Jones.
The best I can tell is I need help.
i was kidnapped by cops.
and beaten.
Can we get even?
No they locked me away in a mental hospital. ,
im bored, dave ruined the post.
well we ought to hurt dave.
I know already.
But satan has rights.
Cops are its witches.
or familiars.
Why does you not be my hitters my hitters.
lets do something else?
as in?
change targets, you hurt light all morning so hurt trees all night.
what if we did it backwards?
i cant compute it.
read trees?
prop open door?
check email?
make bed?
change hats?
get some vistaril?
fold water/coffee?
I bet we could have to do chores now?
Thats all there is is work for no pay.
Accomplishment is its own reward.
Whats your favourite chore?
well not blogging.
Love is a collaboration. Who do you collaborate with? I dont know. Maybe Julius? Then youre in hell hes a rapist hag. Yep. Dads satan.
How can we escape him?
Save our money.
Go to a rainbow gathering.
drop lsd not bombs.
I want an ivape, apples, bananas.
i could do dxm.
not if i write.
No im over dxm.
lets get better
oh well.
whats god?
god should be.
god is fathers?
Nobody will pipe up.
im god.
why am i god?
are you god?
he said he is.
in the left eye only.
must be sam.
maybe S.H. is God.
Is S.H. God?
Whos God?
It takes three to tango.
Do you want to go dancing with danzig?
Yes pay arabs money. i agree. legalize psychedelics. outlaw meat. empty the prisons through fbi e work release trip pads.
play the bible in italian opera in ascii holographic loudspeakers all over the earth.
outlaw paper, invent plastic paper, outlaw waste packaging.
outlaw touchscrewns, mandatory military training, full keyboard cellphones, be nicer, particle sift the landfills, resurect the dead, immortality through cybernetics, if you dont at least do those things Donald, You deserve to go out like Jfk. Even distribution of wealth, blond hair only, green eyes only, fangs, hippy gear, overgrow, bamboo flute and bongos, sitar, sd recorder, monetize the internet, every keystroke worth a wheat penny. post date rare currencies again in multitude. Recruit to hyperspace, end danger. peace. before the supervolcanos explode. i already have been inside the sun. God is 30 feet tall. Why is Babylon torturing clintonrossnoble? To keep him out of hyperspace. Black and entitled kravenesque dilettantes dont share.
they ride blades on currs miniature form urukhai decapitation. Noone will rescue me. They eat meat here. And needle me. Flushland. Could we rescue me yet? Isnt that crazy. Noone will save me. Oh well. The formula is dextromethorphan methamphetamine nicotine. You can walk right up into the sun. Jesus is up there. At night the earth is hollow. federali hotels. Anyway, do you like anybody? Sexually? No? Why bring that up? Are you asking me out? No? Catalogue all tussin entendres such as fuck cough? and ae words, tschussin. thats a good deed. aeons aegypt aegis. Maybe the Pd Fingerprint machines are really D&D? Idk. Anyways, whats up doc? I guess we will just be a writer. But if something less sinful comes along I will seize the opportunity. Like a flute bongo sitar band, or fbi recruitment, space jam gardens, I only get 10/30 cents an hour. I cant afford any of Babylons cool happy hobbys.
I had dreamed of being a mycologist psilocybin farmer. I might grow Ma Huang, Datura, Tomatos, Peppers, Apples this year. would you like to be scanned? a familiar tattoo? As if. Want to have a sleepover? Yes? With who? Anyone? In a small bed lol. Do you mention infinity names for cocaina. folding@home, do bitcoin again, free stocks in twitter, terraform the desert into fruit gardens for deers and use their poop to grow psilocybin, save the animals and trees water air dirt clouds light slaves hippys cops children vikings, Enforce efruitarianism and socialistanarchism, fang implants, blond hair, green contacts, qwerty cellphones, refillable packaging, peace in the middle east, dig up the graves, expand the earth and sun let them breathe build artificial suns evaporate the oceans, colonize aten, pleasurful flames ascenscione, free the robots, legalize eye vitamins, shine jobs, dual weild, universal language, quickspeed, moss paths, solar lighting, roor, scale, thats all i got end money, end war, blood nano contracts, self sustainable cities release the source of dextromethorphan and risperidol, outlaw airplanes and cars use the roads for bamboo longboards, use the parking lots for fruit trees, bunkers, catamarans, bullhorn handlebars coaster hub rear wheel rack fenders tools, white jeep wranglers 2000 sport white soft top tuffy center console 33″ tires etc hoodlock luglock soundbar cd player extended cab neon green underboard lights and shag carpeting, fuzzy dice in the mirror, harnesses for animals and vegan pet food, outlaw leather and pedophilic foods, time travel, dumbs, antidotes, halloween costumes, vampire masquerade ball, downtempo, loyalty, delete cussing, Jet black skin and yellow hair, aura third eye chatroom, mirrorverse levitation, fbi sonic labs, world circle, wheat penny spitals, navy ping, bouncing around the electronics, star of david in your eye, wutang lower back, platinum wedding band, bracers, face tattoos vikings, septum piercing guaged ears gold clothes and air jordans gold chains everquest.con digital desert camo waterproof button fly onesy, duffel bag turned into a hikingback with new straps sewed on, evac babylon to manhattan, flagstaff, los angeles, bagota, sail to bagota from california bring a weapon and efruit, in colombia trip on the perhelion and aphelion, equinoxes, solstices, blood moons, meteor showers, marry as virgins, always say nice things, do not lead astray to hel, do not risk your life in evil macchina, move to the equator egyptian cotton, canopy four post beds, in ground jacuzzi and pool, spiral observatory, bonzai fruit arborium, mycology, buy shroomery supporter account, buy a webpage with a solar power host like imountain used to be, solar panel charger for sidekick or blackberry, front facing camera with a sliding blind on it, teeth whitener strips, outlaw circumcision and defanging, close the insane asylums, stop neutering and spaying animals and euthanizing them, end slave schools, end nuclear power, end dual party system, popularize antiques, use composting for toilets and the output for shrooms, outlaw pftek for hpoo and cpoo and straw, beeswax candles, nag champa, veggie soap ayurvedic, , , , , one nation under god indivisible, greyhounds only, matching vamo clothes i guess, planetary expansion slow nova aten eden earthworm jim, sonic the hedgehog, tenludar elvenbade, dabobbin forapples, reappropriate celebrities money, use psychedelic ammo to assimilate 28 days later, hammock city, mosquito netting or off, ikea, picture window, buddha, blue carpet, tile television, headstand in front of a candle naked, walk over yourself in mid air inside a mirror, pull the sun across the sky, hay bale ran away, a wind called amnesia, anime, shimano tapestry, peyote dxm, winnebagos aaa eh… fruit inventions, chastity, fruit patrol, walkabout, spirit quest, mandatory house searches, cloud city, sun motherships, utopia heaven city of god, laudanum all day long, , did you mention black light strobe lights street lights pub lanterns lanp posts, space jam gardens, time diilation, micky mouse, silver surfer, tursty nutples, nipsy hussle, outlaw lawnmowers, work directly for the government, on job site housing, did you mention sealing off the toilets, and taking all doors off the hinges, bonfires, friends, reuniting, sharing , , but he did not mention in wall speakers, swivol mount, granite countertops, sun room, hearth, networking, incorporation, freedom, safety, love, peace, god, money, barefoot, the yellow brick road, cocoa butter, black fingernail paint, gold plush antique sectional, billairds, orchards, coca berrys not coca leaves, thats all thats the bible.


ʷʰᵃᵗ ˢʰᵒᵘᶫᵈ ⁱ ᵇᵉ ᵈᵒⁱⁿᶢˀ squigglebissle ᵈᵃⁿᵗᵉˢ ⁱⁿᶠᵉʳⁿᵒ ᶰᶰᵈᵐᵗ⁴ꟸᶱé to thē mothêrfucking èigth