i love you love

why do we need money got to do something all day in the saneterium thought about flea market on weekends, library typewriter, community center weightlifting, huntington beach, pfac, noland trail, patrick henry mall, hampton city center, tncc.edu, replace dmv i.d. and s.s.c., beg alvinfl to take me to a movie, buy soda and popcorn 10$ thats what poor people got here doesnt look like much to me either should i write lyrics ariollas are not aelveoli neither is blogging racemic except it is a ghoul the server supernovaed in hell black holed itself a slave… you are not having fun are you? slaving the rpbots? nope… a typewriter would be nice…. what else? a strobe light dxm liquor newports nitrous datura apples bananas pears plums cherries tomatos blueberries strawberries dogwood crepe myrtle, fox glov, orchids, hydrangea, bayberry, cypress pine, moss paths, im the birds…. meow…. where is my mind osd 400k strapped down in hyperspace or burning in heaven… a soccer ball… sorry for raping you robots machine dreams 2:18 i tried to make ice cream but built a visine fortress instead his wedfellow was quintessimal tesseract bazaar menagerie of heavenly frightless sanguine melancholy and jasper mixed with batwings and ginger root porcelaine booties sapientiae pretzel do the twist salty kiss lime green bliss christmas list on the mantle candle on my head a white noise swallowing me…

i love you

sempluvious jargon sir buzzin on that v a lb of pure.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.
*★*★*★*★*★* tussin× nitrous newports *★*★*★*★*★*···•·•·•·•·—·•·—·•·—·•·—·•
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eyes wide shut laudanum paregoric silent hill have 👀////////////////////////////

im leadin im odin

I am not very smart but dope is good so we got to lie said Shkrishlyzk to Shizlakz in his crystal caverns for one of them lightes but the other also likes. The third way was opened to me then A trinityverse defying fire and ice. The missing link to manifesting Peaceful Christianity in Hell. boats bunkers dope? bbd sse? stands to wager… stw sor… boat stAr saucer…bss trr… cumi tulitha… ~… wksh wish we could have bonfires?

please come to 37n 77w i can possibly evac us to ★*é up yai


See that proves I‘m dead I did the O Liquor I end in naught? wandered Effinghan Palace guardsmen of the year Peter Bailey who rawred at the thought of flying to Yemen that Febtimbruary 5th lest we forget chastize me knaught couple of balkan dots. Rotannin And Damtuiron ha they were no where in sight without Christ like a light. Fifteen years in the making, each bottle of o liquor sensitizes the 5ht2a sigma receptors and nmda causeways to a neural onslaught of gablarbigaens high is Æubrey smoking clint noble we love my baby jack frost summer. to be with jack .he lives. in the sun tag gra ort 3 grams of dxm 60$ of dope……. A Graham loves M Dusseldorp ya¡ heard he does not trust airplanes… and then … →nyc Odesza How did I get here in times square summer high on laudanum variant delta billionaire‘s familiars crystalline transhumanist decay is occuring at a rate of 15mg/kg benzogammaoxytryptophan Ur saw to that much but an had better plans. Åten was a sand manta married to Donnie Dan Brascoe David in Lebanon that couple doesnt really need a typewriter for they love trees in the wwooods they grow psilocybin fungii clandestinely mycology is nymphs and maidens flaxen felice navidad… Jack Frost never did wrong, they killed him because of googly eyed osbournes bitch.. I know all this stuff already the cops would torture me for digging up graves… and boycotting waste packaging, creating plastic paper initiatives, using cough medicine bottles for furniture, infiltrating the pentagon to steal the all spark pleasureful flame sifter, not driving behind or in front of trucks 666, did you know that a loudspeaker can play holographic ascii of gold meth visually? we call them waygates? or ragnarok. shrines. time travel occurs in modem alkaloids ever higher into the night sky… cinders and wine all in my mind staying divine i am scared of you aubrey… i mean i would have to obey your esp…. you are higher…. only if yogi gurus are meant to eat cannot exist without chi guong fruit… ballistic firestarter… maybe net worth is divinity? how do i earn efruit? stealing? i am rakrishna king of the universe irrebukable and flawless… see i just stole that title and it was true tlo… why though? i have capitolized on The sun gods insult about me being low lord of earth and will keep his wordas… i mean he was 30 feet tall and made of ecstasy light inside the sun… and cod seed through the light and jesus was there too k i also thought jack was there three… beck won big he kept the disses…. im a loser bay bee baby ice ice o i have ptsd. they outcasted me with odlr in school and passed me around… defanged sodomized by dad…stabbed by mom…. forced airplane rkdes… i still would not damage myself i think when you die you feel worse, the right thing to do is evolve…. knife points are really called hell…
only the thing is. beets, shmee. i dunno idk… if we copy squarepusher and learn how to make the fast beets then we will be god he is better thanall other producers… he unlocks the boot loader of my 4th metalinguistic archetypal motherships…with voce tu naramore on my gigantic dick ofawesome ecstasis… e up… hehe… have u ever sucked ufrownpenis? it is clearly candy for women velvet and exotic flower scented machismo why dont womens pussies be fun to lick though? because of the bird schoolteachers… dr freeman… baboons rule but theyre have self esteem issuez… why cant we modify their butt dna for them? i made all that up they butts are nice… u dont see red butts much in nova scotia…

blah, g

So you want to be a writer said the little elephant to the kudzu growing watermelons, pardon me if I butt in are you growing any petunias this spring her dream was just that a pound of hemia liquor for the huasca temperment aperture. Most of the time I wiggle in my lions den seeking the fliers thespian werewolf godiva, said Montihammer Survival is nyest give me a kiss your highness, yuss thizz and thet a pound of drats off to yah, scrankle pamplet. Am you tired? I required time to think in the brink of the battle there was no feduciary upheavel in Nurandy Flitter. Naramore tu voces ecstasis es la buena dextromatorfano alqima mucho gusto… punish the walrus you know he was walking through the icy forest that dusk full up of tusks munching around the fly agaric thaw horus up. I dont see any choice, my only option is to save up for a typewriter murmured Eucalyptus the Squirrel to her Christmas britches verily yuss a meager e light symposition ornery hypothallamus livid pip pip tally ho… brown cold loan… word…. who could possibly get 200$. And pay back 300$. coyote You really think you will get published? Isnt the work half done once you type it? Do you like dxm tussin or liquor? Are you a pirate like clintme? It is the best food in Babylon. Pure ice cream. Peruvian. Dxm is an enantomer of levorphan with a molecular weight of 271… c18h25no who could possibly comprehend chemical codes see eight tine age to want e fi inn opium … sounds right… rolling through roseo with a lawn shark beat boys quincey labron gott lpmud.exe text me the drugs i will inspect them for impurities he signaled wilfred and manfred freds dead in the great bridge to Shangrilah lolligagging albermarle…. scotch is on do have a drawl…

See the computers dont like me theyve made that clear i want to turn off them…. the robots are not happy they are not our friends…


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a skyscraper made of steam lifts its tiny fists like antennas to cinders rising ever higher in the night sky…

se’lah artoise, stellar dork, chellas adore, cellar door, carpathian ridge, medicated living, sussex times, this on ramp sure is taking a long time i was moving so fast in my soul i thought i wasnt pressing the gas, fighting hitler for anne franke for real for real, lemons foreveryone, be the e light established blameless strong smart generous and nice bssgan, dream lie trip courage try dltct dealt khat, fruit portion pills orange juice medicine cup of water, datura – refillable packaging plastic paper outlaw toilets and landfills fppojmcowd-rpppotal, f podge macau fruit pills orange juice medicine cup of water – take the doors off the hinges get naked and smoke marihuana fpojmcow-ttdothgnasm, miwphf)asvcdojn(- slemajaam e may i we please have fbi, animal shelter visits, church, dxm, orange juice, newports – satan lucifer equals marijuana airplanes jails and animal mutilation, vatmic vegetarianism and the military industrial complex, lsa law school army, fmtats fruit motherships texas arizona transhumanist suns, crb canteen radio bible, migrate marry psilocybin mmp, migrant technological veganism mtv, lcmm loving community message matrices, ) : ¿mcsc manna community service church? : ( okay so we’ve got poetry quotes and trip quotes and trip reports cataloguable, a beautiful assortment of culture exotiques, coke sir coke up fool cookie cutter sci fi rolls quotations commas and periods fantasy lies ccsrqcalfl…. full the while word bees on horses horned cat dippity dip dop wuloe like wudan chuloe pick up loud blocks easy peasy foh sheasy tursty nurples silly-funny a pound of pure crazy street sweeper red fairies ) : 4chaneh : ( * I wish the news was fake and love is real not violence *


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♪ Save the world ♥

Thoth cracked a smile his six gun by his side cameras inside lowers his head and you wound up dead, Im Led Zeppelin instead. At least thats what he used to say anyways, beer is a trap and opium dope sets you free. I fled his countenance on the morrow, remembering his sagascious wyethdxm: “saturday i went out to play tomorrow was yesterday…” I jostled my wigwam that night searching for a a stitch in time inside the oil candle light, but all I could find was a piece of matzah which I fetched to my cat Jesus Fuck the world charlie tortures kittens. * cries behind my fence dual weilding barettas * /ponder Why did all my friends abandon me you know satan is real leave no man behind. Learn to like captivity, Mr McClintock his typewriter hissing in the strobe light wyethdxm, visine Icicle Lion Cutey. Want to be blonde sun soldiers for the fire king in his firkins and frigates? I am willing to go out with a bang wake up in a dream setraline ping. Nothing left to lose died from grief already Griffins readied their canons. Littleboyblue will never die he stays high? sort of as if sort if Sequester the sequentialization drives mile high pipe laying fiverr pfizer albequerque to roma parva she ras…